Is there a right time to buy?

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Fil6, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. After September the best I maybe selling mine!
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    Believe it or not some people love them!
  3. I guess it's handy if you drive into deep water. At least you have a lifeboat on the roof.
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  4. I think if a van is a good one it would sell at asking price whatever the season. With your budget of £10,000 I would look for a van for about £8,000 and retain the other £2,000 for work needed, there would surely be some to do.

    A show would help you a lot, I went to the Bodiam Castle show at the weekend and as well as loads of fantastic classic cars, many folks turned up in their vw vans. There were all sorts, splitties, early and late bays, T25's, and a few T4's and T5's. Tintops. poptops, crewcab, LHD and RHD. Rusty and pristine.

    Going to a show, you see them, talk to the owners and you can compare the pros and cons and maybe see the type of van you would like.
  5. [​IMG]
    I've been thinking of selling my bus, I have waited for this time of year purely because it's going to be school holidays soon and if someone buys it with kids they can get a couple of weeks away in it or a few weekends away while the kids are off, hard to price a bus so I've just looked at what's been selling similar to mine, seems the £15,000-£17,000 bus are selling easy enough if they are good buses[​IMG]

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  6. I think £15,000 may be a bit low. I would suggest £18,000 to allow for offers.
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  7. I bought mine in October 6 years ago, off Ebay, no reserve and from a remote location, (Newquay). I also had the old trick of getting overbid at the last minute which was withdrawn so I ended up 'winning'. But it was a decent price and needed no body work so I was happy. Lots of things impact the price in big or small ways.
  8. Did you go and see the van before bidding? As you said it was in a remote location.
  9. Good little article in the latest Camper & Bus, on page 23, couple wanted a van but were reluctant to risk big money, so they bought a cheap T25 air cooled Devon ( similar to my son's van).

    'Testing the water' makes common sense.

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