Is there a right time to buy?

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  1. as the title suggests

    Is there a right or a wrong time to buy a bay?

    Are they really that much more expensive in the summer months than in the winter?
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    Logic would suggest a winter buy is cheaper. I think that prices vary so much that is hard to tell.
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  3. I sold mine in October. I got full asking price and had people queing up to view within 48 hours of advertising. So I think its hit and miss as to time of year. Logic woul dsay winter is best time to buy. But if there's relatively few on the market in winter and plenty of people waiting for winter to pick up a bargain then ????
  4. I got £1000 off my van buying in November as the seller didn't see much chance of getting sufficient footfall and interest to warrant asking the fuller price.
  5. It depends how many are up for sale. Up here we couldnt find one for sale in the winter months never summer. Not within our price range and 100 mile anyway.
    Finally got ours off gumtree. Bought inbetween xmas and nye 2013.
  6. Baysearcher

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    I've been keeping an eye on prices for about 10 years and would say that winter is a better time to buy, summer a better time to sell.
  7. Its about finding the right van really ,that's the right time to buy ,getting it wrong is very costly regardless of the season.
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  8. I bought mine on Christmas Eve! Was looking at that time with the hope that there would be some deals around, but also on the basis that whatever I bought would probably need a bit of TLC to get it ready for summer. I think I got a bit of a bargain, but I was right about the TLC too... It could just have easily happened in June but then there would have been more buyers around. There are more "looking to buy" threads on here now than there were in the winter.

    IMO January and February are probably the best months for bargains. I noticed that a lot of the vans I saw listed in December were still for sale a couple of months later.

    I should have bought a convertible too, really fancy one now the sun's shining!

    On the other hand a lot of sellers follow the same logic... so there may be less about for sale in winter.
  9. rickyrooo1

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    best time to buy any vehicle is just before xmas, the mrs doing your head in for the "perfect" xmas is a great persuader.
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  10. It used to be the case when normal people (working class)used to buy them ,now people seem to have a money trees and can buy buses for 10k etc...

    In the old days you would sell your bus to fund christmas/holidays etc...
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    @lost-en-france #oldschool - i bet you had to hide behind the sofa from the rent man too.
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  12. i thought rich people who didnt want to sleep in a tent bought um :D
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  13. Glamping ,not just satisfied with sleeping on an ants nest ,like the rest of us...:rolleyes:
  14. and the loan man,milkman etc etc
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  15. but they had to be rich then too , they werent that cheap new in them days init .
  16. Flakey

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    There's just more come up for sale in spring cos sellers think it's the best time to get a sale, useable and better busses in spring, resto projects in autumn winter.
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    ha the provi man was another.
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  18. aye we had to go to one shop to buy clothes with tokens...:D
  19. i had ration book for petrol on three day week , but i only had a moggy :(
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  20. I thought dogs ate dog food innit....;)

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