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  1. RH require a "valuation document which can be come from a club or a company specialising in valuing vehicles" for agreed value.

    Anyone else been asked for such a document?

    Who can value my 72 crossdresser? (ツ)
  2. Talk to clem on early.bay he did mine for RH

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  3. I was asked by RH for one but couldn't find anyone willing to do it, which was annoying at the time.

    A phone call back to them explaining that and we came to a value we both agreed with. Never been asked by them since!
  4. Most companies have pretty reasonable self-valuation limits with the 6 photos, it's when you want more that they want independent evidence.
  5. OK, so just send them some pics and let them propose an agreed value?

    My 'value' was just what I was told by the last specialist that worked on it.

    I have no idea what it's worth.

  6. Or just stick the photos on here & let you lot decide :D

    It's kind of irrelevant anyway, never made a claim in 38 years
  7. Ask them their top limit for self valuation, they're not shy and will tell you.
  8. Just renewed mine with Cherished, Legacy 2.5 engine gearbox declared, 20k value, 1500 miles pa, (as it hasn’t moved in 3 years :rolleyes:) £141 without the legal expenses/breakdown, that’s garage stored.

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