If you couldn't have a VW camper...

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  1. This is what we had when we toured NZ , mind there were only two of us then :)


    Saw this at a local farm shop , i reckon it would be great as a camper

  2. trouble with H vans is.... its the front of a traction avante with loads of extra weight added to the back..... do flat out in top (3rd) you're doing a massive 45 maybe 50mph!
  4. I nearly went for a H wagon. The block who I sold my steels to turned up in a H wagon with a puegot 504 diesal in it. really nice, loads of room inside. I was going to ring him and offer a straight swap. One of the reasons I didnt was the VW scene. I had a 2CV and the club was a bit 'village hall' frankly...
  6. Think it would be one of these citroen vans
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    When I was married my wife hated my bus and camping, eventually she made me sell it :eek: suffice to say we soon got divorced and I bought another, So if you could'nt have a VW camper because of your partner, get rid :)
  13. I'd go for a retro Hymermobil.
  14. i would have one of these a landrover 101 ! ;D [​IMG]

    And we do alot of bodywork on these this on could be your's for just £230,000! they have got jenson button's down there at the moment and it is HUGE!!
  15. First off, I have to say, I just love how financially crippling the VW Bus seems to be to many of you. I mean according to your posts, if you didn't have a bus you would certainly be driving a $500,000 all wheel drive amphibious land yacht of some variety, right? ::)

    Well let's see,... Being an American, I certainly don't have the bounty of such overly tasteful options as Commers and 22 window Mercedi, but there is some fun vintage Yankee style to be found if one does his homework. (keeping somewhere within the same price range as a nice bus)

    At the moment I kind of like the 1974 Winnie Wagon by Winnebago. They had everything my bus has plus central air conditioning, a quiet Onan generator, toilet/shower, oven, wall to wall bright green deep shag carpeting, white vinyl bucket seats, CB radio, mag wheels, bitchin super wide racing tyres and more. (black lights and glowing Led Zeppelin posters optional)
    With the available Chrysler 440ci V8 (for those campers on the go) one could set the cruise control at 100MPH and The Winnie wouldn't even break a sweat. O0 Viva Americana
  16. I'd also consider this bit of Mopar madness... cos I love a bit of Mopar me :)


    sadly it only exists in photoshopland
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