If you couldn't have a VW camper...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Honky, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Honky

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    If you couldn't have a VW camper in any form (no Split, Bay, T25, T4, T5 and any others I've forgotten/don't know about) what camper would you have?

    Would you go for a Bongo? Something older?

    I think I'd go for a Transit (or something similar sized) and convert it myself. I know it has no character but would be purely for practicality.
  2. 72wilma

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    I'd be miserable ... and in a Commer
  3. Honky

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    Or maybe you wouldn't have one at all?
  4. 72wilma

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    My uncle hds a commer to cart all his kids around and I used to love that bus, he gave it to his two eldest sons to go 'exploring' europe (very exotic for the early 80's up our neck of the woods). They trashed it and part ex-ed it for train tickets back from Israel.
  5. [​IMG]

    if i had more money - space etc i would go for a converted Nissan Civilian.

    A friend of mine has one which he stripped out - its got 2 pilot seats in the front. A full sofa bed. Shower. Loo. Kitchen. Wood Burning Stove and more in it .....

    amazing things .....

    I'd also consider an LT35! O0
  6. [​IMG]

    OR ONE OF THESE :eek:
  7. Honky

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  8. Honky

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  9. If it did not have to be a camper, I have always had a hankering for a 2CV
  10. Honky

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  11. I'd have a Commer or a Bedford CA or a vintage coach (see other thread) :D
  13. Hmmmm

    I don't own a VW Camper because I love to camp.

    I own a VW Camper as I have always just loved them to bits. The retro styling is what does it for me.

    If I couldn't own a VW Camper of any sort I don't think I would be bothered about owning another camper. However if I had to I would be tempted by a Commer.


    Actually sod it I would just have one of those massive American RV's like Robert De Niro has in meet the Fokkers.


    Blimey you can pick one up for $28k ! That's less than some Splits !

  14. Honky

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  15. Birdy

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    We had a 1974 Toyota Hiace camper by CI in for an MOT and it was beautiful. Customer was here so I couldn't snap away but it was really lovely.

    It was like this but brand new looking and the MOT man said it was spotless underneath. Having looked inside I'd have one.

  16. If we didn't / counldn't have a camper then we would have .... more money! :)
  17. if we didnt have a camper id have bought myself a merc jeep thing or big yank wrangler....then waited for another year to afford petrol for it ....as for commer i had a coachbuilt commer motor home with 1.4 engine ......pile of doo doo ,they should scrap em all ,just fake vw,s
  18. I liked that massive earth mover thing from TLB v2. It was massive but had one of the nicest interiors I've seen and an electrics control panel that would rival a space craft...

    You'd certainly never get stuck in the mud at Glast with it.

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