ICT's running lean

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by earlylatebay, May 19, 2014.

  1. Hi all. After having the carbs off the engine I have run it for a short while and checked the plugs. They are running lean, white deposits. to richen them up do you just turn out the mixture screws 1/4 turn at time?

    I can get access to an exhaust sniffer.
  2. Depends... the mixture screw adjusts the idle circuit, if it's lean on the main jet, then you'll need to go up a size!! :)
  3. cheers Paul. how do I tell? It was jetted on the rolling road so I am assuming that the jets should be fine.
  4. As long as you've been on the RR, then it should just be the idles that need a tweak!!

    Another way of checking the main jets is to drive at 55/60mph, switch off the engine and coast to a stop, and pull a plug out and check the colour!! :)
  5. Cheers. Thanks. The last journey was just a short trip to work. only 4 miles and back. It wont have even got warm. Stop start traffic also.

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