i went to see a psychic

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tiny-Pie, Oct 19, 2012.

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  3. TP, I think it is like religion in that you are going to believe or not believe, but if you choose to go the belief route be very careful about who you trust. As Paley said, Cold Reading is used alot. It is a skill used for many years by 'Psychics and Palm Readers' and is a skill that Darren Brown uses in his shows. If he were to call himself a Psychic, he would be very convincing.

    If it gives you some sort of comfort or positive feeling then go with it, it won't hurt anyone. Just keep your mind open and always start from zero trust in the psychic.

    Quick tip: Next time record the reading. When you play it back, take notes and listen to how the reading goes. You might be surprised how much information you give without realising it that is then 'given' to you as 'proof'. Ah just seen you did record and did not speak. Certainly would be one of the better ones.

    As I say, a bit like religion. Is there a God ?
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  6. Why not post the recording and we will give you some feedback. All in confidence honest!
  9. I wonder how many people don't believe in the ability psychics but believe in God ....

    just a thought .........
  13. Me: Knock Knock
    Psychic: Who's there ?
    Me: You're no bloody good then !

    Sorry it just came into my head.......I'll get me coat !
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    I have a slight phycic ability to see into peoples future and I've just done a genaral reading on every one who has posted

    .........next year will see more financial burdens

    ...........I foresee breakdowns, I see a V, I see a W .......something oily .......something mechanical

    ........you have a yearning to spend money on shiny bits that you dont really need that will bring you no satisfaction as they will be poor quality

    .......I predict that parts prices will rise and quality will drop

    ........I see a cold wet summer for 2013

    but I feel you have a great love of something with 4 wheels, and this love affair will continue

  16. If you beleive in this---so be it.......
    I Have mixed feeling when it comes top psychics,if they see things without you saying much-----why do they ask your name? :headscratch2:

    If one tried to read my thoughts they probally would need a psychiatrist when they were done,some thing should not be thought again,
  17. :laugh2: :thinking: :laugh2: :thinking: :laugh2: :thinking::laugh2: :-X
  18. Its easy they just go on facebook dont they ???
  19. Being serious now ,i went out with a girl who did that stuff, she read taro cards and she did phone line stuff for a mystic meg phone line :- She was scarily accurate and the police even used her on investigations. She came to my house one evening and she said she could make lights flicker :eek: i said go on then , and the lights on my fish tank flashed a couple of times :-. I asked her how she did stuff but she just said im psychic ,but said their was alot of girls and chaps on her phone lines that used to have regular callers and they used to swap notes on them , um im not sure i should tell you too much more ,as when i finished with her she told me a couple of not to pleasant things that would happen to me ,and they have :(.So if your listening jill ,i hope your well and your lottery numbers have come up, best wishes Barney. Yes it can be quite spooky. I have feelings about some people and the way they are that quite scare me sometimes too ???
  20. my old old old old boss was psychic and she had been contacted to help on police investigations ...

    many years ago - my car was driven into by a bus and without me - or ANYONE telling her what happened she asked me how my car was after the crash .... i said 'how did you know' and she replied 'i knew it had happened' ....

    she was a very interesting person - not a mystic meg type person at all - she had a high managerial role in the council and did not tell people about this stuff unless they asked ... she was even tracked down my other psychics to join their circle (or whatever it is) but she didnt want to be associated with it ....

    i find it all very interesting

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