i went to see a psychic

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  1. Yesterday... I went to see a psychic... She was scarily accurate... And described something very specifically...which is happening st the minute...but only I know about it, I've literally told nobody...How would she do this?
    I can probably guess you'll all think its a load of rubbish but how van someone know something so specifically nd with such detail?
  2. Same thing happened to a friend of mine ,but when we examined what had been said it was just playing the percentages and pretty obvious how they did it.
    Want to elaborate?
  3. I have a slight belief in the ability of people to see beyond the visible dimensions ... I was approached by a psychic once who told me something that changed my life forever.

    wont go into full details here ... but i think there is def something to it
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    Is it only me that thinks it's a load of old tosh? :thinking:
  7. I've always been a bit skeptical about mediums and psychics, probably because there are so many charlatans out there. However a friend of mine did a reading for me about a year ago and she told me things that nobody else would know except me so my mind is a little more open to stuff now.
  9. There just good at what they do :)
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    Darren Brown should become a psychic, he would be brilliant, whooooooooooo!!!!
  11. My better half went to see a psychic, she booked an appointment about a month in advance and when she went, the psychic allready had a sheet of A4 crammed with stuff that has been bothering my missus from her past and dead relations.

    I have allways errred on the side of sceptical, yeh I wanna believe, but so many charlotans make it hard to. I poo pooed it and claimed that she must have googled her, turns out she only wanted to know her first name, and that was all she told her a month before the meeting.

    Cue Twighlight Zone theme....................
  12. I'm sorry, but whenever I think of this subject, all I can think of is Clinton Baptiste.......


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    Septic Peg :lol:
  16. Im getting a word........... begins with a B its something to do with dangly bits... :thinking:
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