FOR SALE I think the time has come to sell my bus...Sold

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by z4alfie, May 15, 2016.

  1. I've got it on eBay for £25k but I'd take £22.5k from a TLB er

    Some of the traders are asking over £30k for pretty rough stuff
  2. i think your get that easy , what about volksworld mag or camper n classic , as said a good show n it would fly .
  3. I've not really got the time to advertise it wider, someone might know someone etc. I'm hoping to avoid timewasters too. It's a big chunk of money for someone to find so I'll see what happens
  4. Fair doos if i hear of anyone ill tell them n try n spread the word too , i cant believe you havnt had a bite yet , its the right time :thumbsup:
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    probably the same as mine.... vw downunder will see it on e-bay, pretend to be a private buyer then sell it on their website for 5 grand more.
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  6. Mine was similar in quality and modern interior style, but was a 1.6 type 1.
    Believe it or not, a free add on Gumtree worked great. I had half a dozen interested in it straight away. Sold for full asking price, £22k within a week, (November)
    People willing to pay this much for a modern style are generally not your dyed in the wool VW enthusiasts, but people buying into the dream. your typical VW forum may not reach the desired market.
    A friend of mine off of this forum did the same as me and again sold for full whack within a couple of days.
    Do a really good write up, telling how much love and attention its had, the story behind the rebuild etc. add technical stuff too, but the people interested in mine didn't know a type 1 from a type 48.
    Do photographs showing the best of the interior and some lifestyle shots like it being used set up for camping.
    by the way I love everything about your bus, interior , the lot.
    Spend an hour writing up a great story on MS word and paste into the add.
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  7. Thanks, that sounds like good advice. I'll give it a go
  8. Where's the show? I might have a ride out.... When is it?
  9. I love Audi showrooms. We had the great reveal when we got our Audi.

    Did you see the garage area, they seriously have OCD!!

    As said previously, great bus and good luck, if I had the dosh and I wanted another green westy, i would........... 'nt both, i'd buy a T5 :D:D:D:D:D Only kidding :p:p Green Westy's Rule!
  10. PIE


  11. Done that so let's see what happens
  12. Good decision to sell your van if you are not using it. Your van is lovely, I am sure we all agree, you want to sell it quickly but you don't want to under price it.

    Very sound advice from @tyke2
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  13. what a shame
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  14. When I had a double garage at the side of the house, I saw it every day and pottered on with it which I enjoyed, even if I didn't get away in it much. Now it's miles away it seems even harder to get away and I don't have the enjoyment of it.. If it doesn't sell, I'll rethink my plan

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  15. Well, apart from a Gumtree scam asking for my address and bank details to transfer the funds, no interest in my bus. This must mean I'm supposed to keep it

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  16. I tried a few searches on ebay and your van didn't show up. vw t2 bay, vw t2, westfalia, yours did not show.

    Maybe that's a clue to the lack of interest. Its a lovely and distinctive van so would stand out from the other stuff on there.

  17. Hmm, that'll be right, eBay charge me upfront then it doesn't show up in the listings.

    It's 1978 VW T2 Campervan fully restored in the title.

    I wonder if it's in some obscure category? I'll check, cheers for the heads up
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    I think having westfalia and camper in the title would help a lot
  19. We got a fair amount of interest when we put ours on gumtree last year...ok it didn't sell :D, but will be putting it on again later in the year. Car and Classic worth trying too. Put it on EBay as a classified as well if I recall.
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