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    i think lardy swapped his to manual? i've mentioned it but wouldn't do it i don't think, bar poorer mpg i like the ease of autos, i've had auto carrs too and i would have another.
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  2. Auto buses are lovely to drive.
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  3. Welcome from The New Forest, good luck with your search.
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  4. Sentry I get 6 to 8 kilometres per litre.Sorry but in the colonies we have gone metric!
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  5. 6 to 8 km/litre?? It's far too late for me to even begin to do the maths for that :) I'll do it in the morning!
  6. Sentry...just remember that the youngest T2 you end up buying will be nearly 40 years old.My auto 010 gearbox needed totally rebuilding at the 550K plus mileage.All parts were available and the mechanic said it was a very strong gearbox.When it failed in April '13......I was on the cusp of buying a VW Caddy and was deciding second hand or new.Luckily the Sydney Morning Herald ran articles on failures of VW gearboxes in Polos Golfs and Caddies.These were in cars only a couple of years old with very low mileage.Over 700 people commented on the article reporting failures and how VW dealers had tried to wriggle out of it.Finally VW Australia came to the lparty.So glad it happened...as I was happy to spend the big money on getting the 010 fixed.I also commented on the SMH comments blog saying I was ropeable too as my gearbox had failed after 550k klms and 35 years!!No one replied!!
  7. We looked at quite a lot over 12 months, fell in love with a fulky tuned up lowered one with everything but was way over budget. Ended up with a basic day van so we could use it for everything, bikes, kayaks and camping. Keep looking until you see what you want as the wallet will never close once you own one but worth every penny. Enjoy. !!!!
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  8. Welcome, good look with your search, sounds like you know what your after ,great conversions those late Westy Berlins :thumbsup:
    A nice Devon Moonraker doubletop though would fit the bill as well :thumbsup:
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  9. Right then. Great news. I've finally brought my search to a close and we are the proud owners of a particularly brilliant, solid and roomy 1979 SuperViking Spacemaker. It needs some work and a respray, plus some other TLC and that is exactly what we wanted. Pretty lucky to be honest.

    I know, I know....I will get photos up as soon as I can. I'll put more details in a post in the "Show us your ride" sub-forum.

    Thanks to all for your advice on this forum on getting to the right van. Particular thanks to @davidoft who has been very patient with my ongoing questions and came with me to see a previous potential van in sunny Brighton.

    I know I was totally fixated on a Westfalia Berlin - and these are brilliant conversions - but once I explored the Super Viking I knew it would suit us perfectly.

    Cheers all.
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    .....and a belated hello from me

    how on earth did you put up with @davidoft talking all the way to Brighton :D
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  11. Greetings! :hattip: Looking forward to seeing the pics... :)
  12. Haha! It was easy - separate cars :) We were coming from Kent anyway...
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  13. Yeah I'll shove some up there today I reckon.
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    he's not too bad really .....in small doses :lol:
  15. Great conversio s them Vikings, is it the one with 4 singles in the roof otv the hammock version, plus leave the interior as it is as I love the downstairs seating in the Vikings :thumbsup:
  16. Yup. All the original stuff for a SuperViking Spacemaker - that means the beds up top (with the large overhang) and the great seating arrangement downstairs. We love it.

    Fridge is the only non-original thing - oh and one of the wooden seat backs.

    We have the hammock as well...which means its a.....ahem....seven berth thank you very much! (ridiculous isnt it! :)

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