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    some claim upto 30mpg... i can't see how they claim more than vw stated in my opinion after nearly 5 years 22mpg for a 2 litre type 4 auto is honest if you drive steady if i drive like a tool fully loaded and towing i've had 12........
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  2. Wow. 12!! That's scary :)
  3. Mpg for ours about 23 on original trip back from Exeter, a quick tune up later & 26 mpg on a return trip to Weymouth cruising quite happily at 65mph. These are tank to tank figures so pretty accurate.

    I too was concerned about economy as when we use the bus it's mainly for trips of between 400 - 800 miles. Had. T4 diesel before that did 40mpg what ever you did with it. I sat down & thought about it, worked out it would cost me approx an extra £30 to do Cornwall & back. Did not seem a big price to drive a classic bus - smiles per miles :)

    May look at converting her to LPG next year, as low tech, low comp engines respond well to LPG . Plenty of room underneath for the Tank to. My Brother has Saab 93 converted about 3 yrs ago done 80k since no bother. 55p a litre very tempting. HTH
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  4. Great info, thanks. That all sounds thoroughly acceptable! :)
  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i would be careful on lpg with an aircooled lpg runs hotter and we've had horror stories of wrecked heads..... @Chrisradioman being one i recall.... i think @Zebedee runs lpg but on a watercooled t3.
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    Yep; there are some daft claims on here in terms of mpg. Some apparently do about 30% more than even VW claimed....
    Reckon on it being low to mid 20's and you wont be disappointed. (manual)

    Air-cooled engines don't respond particularly well to LPG; just ask @Chrisradioman as Rick says.
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  7. My dad owned a six bearth viking for 15 years from new. It was fantastic. The only downside now is that I think most of them will have rusted away. Dry import all the way for me. Don't be put off by left hand drive.
  8. Lpg was always a nightmare on modern cars I worked on. Not worth the hastle imho.
  9. LHD is fine with me.....those Vikings though....wow!
  10. Like most things in life, there are a great many misconceptions about LPG. It's massively popular in other parts of the world, a great many major manufacturers produce LPG or dual fuel vehicles. If fact most fork lift trucks now run on LPG. Presidential motorcade is on LPG ! That said it's not going to change the world!

    I too have seen / worked on some truly awful conversions. It all comes down to the quality of parts used, quality of the instillation and the soundness of the vehicle been converted. There is also usually a small reduction in performance on gas around 10% although it's not normally noticeable when cruising on the motorway & you can always switch back to petrol if in a really hilly area. Even with the small reduction in mpg/performance it's still at least 40% cheaper, and totally reversible if done properly. Can not see any mechanical reason for not doing it, in fact old tech like our buses respond well as you do not have any clever electronics trying to make the engine run as it would on petrol & constantly putting the check engine light on. LPG vehicles don't run any hotter than petrol, if anything they run slightly cooler as there is less build of carbon on the pistons, valves & combustion chambers as LPG burns cleaner & more completely.

    Not sure I'm going to bother yet, but for people doing big miles it could pay off. That's until the government change the duty on LPG but that's another story.......
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    Chris's experience would say different, but I'll bow to your (obviously) greater knowledge.
    As most people probably average a few thousand miles per year, it seems pointless to me; and a 40bhp engine probably can't afford to lose that 10%!!
  12. No I agree I think you would need a strong T4 motor to start with and there is the cost of the conversion to factor in, if you have to pay someone to carry it out. Just kicking the idea about ATM, but there are no mechanical/technical reasons it can't be done. Good to chat these things through, an interesting world this TLB forum:cool:
  13. Very true. I worked on the vauxhall factory fit system which was still an Italian kit fitted in a shed after the cars were made. The first few were wired wrong because one guy was colour blind. Then the internals used to get gummed up with b r on w n sludge from the gas. Then the injectors would fail and we're only available in sets of four (£400). It only seemed cost efective on high milers but then the exhaust valves burnt out.
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  14. You'll regret an auto..... Ref the ebay thing ..anyone buying blind and not physically viewing the vehicle is asking for trouble ....chevk out the forums ..VZI ,earlybay ,here ......some nice buses around for sale .....
  15. Thanks. I am gutted. Just heard that the bay I had travelled down here to see tomorrow has gone to the first viewer. Why didn't I learn from the last time? It was a great van, I should have made the journey immediately.

    Oh well. There'll be another but still....each possibility takes so much energy to find and organise that it is really annoying to lose out.

  16. Keep the faith, anything worth having is usually a bit of an effort.....
  17. Yes , we are a bit picky - but some of the stuff we saw was rough. With hindsight, the first one we looked at was probably as good as the one we ended up buying - but you can't buy the first one you see can you?
  18. I did:chewie:
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    why? i love mine.
  20. Only 3 gears ...thought you were on about changing yours to manual ?or was that someone else ..

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