I cannot get over Gary Speed

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  1. You never know what goes through someone's head, no matter how much you think you know them.

    A dear friend of mine has had 2 boyfriends (yes TWO!) kill themselves. You couldn't even have an attempt at imagining the guilt you'd have to live with.

    Sleep tightly Gary.
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    As a few will remember on here , a good friend of mine committed suicide this year , i spoke to him on the phone for a few hours only a day or two before about things he was going through , i could'nt help thinking i could have helped him see a future if only he had said something - its a bad thing suicide - it leaves so much guilt and so many unanswered questions .

    i'm still upset about it now -
  5. I'm happy to lend an ear if anyone needs a chat...........
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  8. Self destruction is also something people just don't admit to. My best friend drunk and coked himself to death before he was 40. He didn't come to the funeral of our other best mate - said he had flu - a couple of weeks later he also died and we found out he'd been in hospital after his liver gave up from abuse. I guess he was too embaressed and didn't want to bother anyone. :(
  9. RIP to Speed.

    I met him not long ago in the final of the Welsh Premier League cup. I asked for a pic and he said one sec I've got to go see the tv people in the dugout. So I thought oh well that me fobbed off. So half time came, and next thing I know I get a tap on the shoulder and he came back up for the pic with my sister who had just won a Wales cap. A proper nice guy.

    The Swans game on that Sunday should have been called off. I've never been in a stadium where 20,400 fans and the 22 on the pitch all seemed to not want to be there!

    So sad. The future was bright too.
  10. Super Leeds united!!!! Got a great 4 nill will over forest for him tonight, just perfect!! Leeds fans, as always awesome!!!
    4 nill, it's for Gary speed!! And from 11th min singing 'oh Gary Gary, Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary speed!!!! Non stop. Makes me proud to be a Leeds fan I can tell ya. M.O.T
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  12. Not really commented on this before as I'd never heard of the guy...why cant the papers stop digging for s***e and stuff against his family, leave them be to greave why cant you
  14. No woody was picking the In laws up from airport, had radio on full whack!!
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  16. Super Leeds..!!!!

    Even my mum can`t believe the shocking news,events like this will stick in the memory..... :(

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