I cannot get over Gary Speed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MangoBay, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Totally tragic that someone at the very top of their game felt so low as to do that to himself and his family.

    Poor bloke. Poor family. So sad.
  2. cant agree more.
    Gave me the shivers. who knows what brings someone to do that.
  3. It's very sad indeed. There must be tons of support for people who are so desperate that they feel there is no other cousre.
  4. Absolutely terrible news a real shame :(
  5. Such a handsome successful man that was so respected by so many of his peers and fans.

    I imagine he had no idea of how well he was thought of.

    If it was Gazza you would have been upset but understood but not Gary Speed!

    RIP Gary. Such a talented man that could have been Wales' greatest ever manager.
  6. Very sad. :(
    I've personally known two people who were overcome with thoughts of killing themselves and in both cases it was because they were taking anti-inflammatory drugs. I mean really bad within days of starting them in one case and after a long time in the other. The quick one had to have his shotgun hidden as he was pretty determined. Just a thought. I've been listening to the radio all day and it's stuffed with people who spent time with him up to and including yesterday all completely baffled.
  7. Poptop2

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    it will all come out in the wash me thinks -- totally flabergasted myself :-
  8. Moons

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    Sad for him that he couldn't see a future, terribly sad for his family and friends.

    Hope nothing comes out that sullies his name, that would also be sad.
  9. Totally shocked, why ?
    Thoughts go out to his family
    Friend of mine took his own life when in our early 20's, still can't understand why you would do something like that.

    RIP Gary
  10. It makes no sense but I am sure he must have been in a very bad place for some time to have thrown it all away.

    I think it's so shocking because looking at him you assume he had it all.

    Good looking bloke, long (very long) career at the Very top of his game, worshipped by football fans fellow professionals and fellow countrymen, beautiful wife, two young kids......
  11. Yeah, shocking. Lovely bloke. He had it all. He was on TV doing his usual pundit thing only a day before and seemed as happy as a lark. Something just doesn't seem right to me. He doesn't seem to have any history of depression at all. Maybe, whatever happened, it was some sort of accident?
  12. dog


    just mad!
  14. My dad hung himself over 11 years ago, for seemingly no rhyme or reason..... Sadly this event brings it all back, and being a life long Leeds fan makes it a real kick in the nuts.
    I'm gutted.
    I don't like hearing speculation on the whys etc as the only person / people who know the reasons for taking there life, are sadly no longer with us...... :'(
    RIP GARY thanks for all your great times at Elland Road!!!
    Dad, never forgotten. X
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    My dad also took his own life abotu 13 years ago now. Its sad and hard to deal with and the worst part is you never get the ultimate answer which is "why"??

    I sorta knew but from what ive heard on the news of this there doesnt seem to be much reason as he was top of the game and in interviews the previous day people said he sounded happy
  16. Just got back from Elland Road from paying my respects.
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  18. anna@vwheritage

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    i would imagine its higher doasage then chemist stuff as he mentions they went back to the doctors to get them changed and come off them
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  20. Now answered, but yes it was prescribed stuff both times. Nothing special though.
    He only went back to the doc for a professional opinion - I'm a bus doctor. Doctor advised weening off but knowing him he sqeezed the time down to a few days. Sorry I don't know what the drugs were.

    I originally posted to put an alternative to "something dark in his life" speculation that upsets me.

    Anna and Karl - :(

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