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  1. my photo bucket doesn't look like that i don't get media links option
  2. sorry guys I'm practicing thanks for the help. my photo bucket option of show image code wasn't ticked! not easy to find
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. wa hey... ive posted a photo... check me out... only been trying for 6 months
  5. updated 15/04/16
  6. Try again

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  7. Sorry 3rd time a charm using the photobucket app and copying the img code

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  8. Flickr help anybody?
  9. You can use the share menu to copy the HTML or BB code and paste that on a forum. On the photopage, click the small icon that looks like a box with an arrow bursting out of it. Copy the size and format you need using CTRL-C and paste it on the forum.

    (1): Click on the share icon.

    (2): Select the desired size.

    (3): Choose either HTML or BB Code. You will need HTML to post photos on Flickr; you may need BB Code to post a photo off-site. You may want to check with the destination site to see which code format they use.

    (4). Click inside the large box to highlight the code, then copy using CTRL-C. Mac users: CMD-C.
  10. Is it possbile to embed video from Photobucket?

    Photos im ok with but i've never seemed to manage uploading video using photobucket (the most frustratingly slow site in the world!).
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    seems very long winded to get a photo up i just click "upload a file "
  12. I did write this post over 5 years ago now. It is a little long winded but when I first created this post over 5 years ago I believe we couldn't upload images direct to the latebay website
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    apologies but maybe it should be reposted to reflect the improved forum
  14. You're probably correct, I don't use the forum in the web view so much. I mainly use Tapatalk which I believe a lot of others do. Maybe another member could produce a new write up to replace this one?
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  16. Test
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  17. Hi tech savvy folks, I just stumbled across the above and wonder if the simple method I have been using the past 2 years is wrong or has disadvantages. All I do is open my photos in "Microsoft Paint" the freebee that comes with most windows PC's, crop to the important bit and resize to 1000 pixels and save. Then to post I simply press the 'upload file' below the thread edit window and select thumbnail or full size. This way I do not need to use any 3rd person 'cloud' and all the data is on my laptop. I can see that storage is an issue for those who use smart phones, but for me this is a simple way to keep it all under control. If there are potential snags with this I would be grateful for any advice. Martin
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