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  1. Nooo - I haven't admitted defeat yet. I'll have a long, sigh-filled attempt later on, probably with lots of tutting (I've done it before without any probs, but Flickr has changed recently and it doesn't seem to work in the same way). Asking someone else is the last resort!
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  2. There are some pics that I put on Photobucket purely in order to post them on here. However, I do not want to keep them on my Photobucket. If I delete them on Photobucket, they disappear from here too. Is there any way to avoid that?
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    @Traff , no if you delete from Photobucket then they will disappear from any forum you've posted them in.
    If they're small enough you may be able to replace then in your threads via the image tag here.
    That's the best I can do.
  4. Thanks T. Perhaps I should set up a photobucket account purely for the pics I want to post.

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    That's what I've done. Separate accounts for forum stuff.
  6. Can't seem to copy the img info using my iPad. Pictures upload to Photbucket fine but can't use them.
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    Sorry @taipan , I know nothing about using ipads, I despise Apple & all its wares
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  8. here here... just like tesco
  9. I have noticed a few people comment on their photos being too big to post.
    I have found a FREE app on for Iphones & Ipads etc. It is called Simple Resize. It allows you to open your library and re-size previous photos for uploading, or you can take photos directly in the app. I use the re-sizing of previous images so the high res version still exists for other uses.
    It works very well in practice and is perfect for those instances when you are just posting an image for others to see a problem you may be having.

    hope it helps!
  10. downloaded the photobucket app to my phone, but img there but cant copy it, Nokia Lumia, any body had any success or stick to my Pc.
  11. Ive just gone onto Photobucket expecting a long drawn out nightmare .Christ that was easy ,from entering the site to getting my photos up of my van on here
    took about 7 mins .Please check my photos out they are the first ive ever put on here, exited lol
  12. I just push the button "upload a file" ?

    isnt this the simplest way?
    Why all this other photobucket stuff?
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    Photobucket for bigger files, you either have to resize to use that or have the pictures saved as small files originally.
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  14. ok.
    Im sticking with the upload a file method,most of the time i resize them anyway because of the very slow internet onboard.
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  15. G'day all. How do I put up a video from pictures or youtube thanks
  16. Just copy the YouTube link then paste it into your post on here.
  17. Thanks oscar sorted
  18. Me too..I've got the image into my library ok but the whole IMG code part just doesn't work. Anyone else on evil, well designed, easy, virus free Apple who has cracked this?
    Can you not just hit the 'upload a file' button on TLB and, well, upload one?
  19. Get tapatalk and improve your life. :)
  20. I'll give it a go.
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