How sick will the Santander ferry make me??

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mandy, Oct 17, 2012.

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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    hughie is ralf's mate, i ring him on the big white phone (driving the porcelain truck)
  3. Not as sick as Santander bank will make you, marmite allegedly
    Back on topic, head towards the rear of the ferry and sit where you can see out of a window, the bow (front) moves up and down more in bad weather.
    Try to travel on an empty stomach if you can, I used to get sea sick and once youve had one vom you'll probably do it again.
    I grew out of sea sickness roughly the same time I started smoking - it was a school skiing trip the first time I'd been on a ferry without throwing up, so after that believed that smoking prevented sea sickness, I am wiser now though, and still trying to give up smoking
  4. We''ve booked the Portsmouth - Santander crossing for next Aug .... I'm rubbish on boats :( & now I am dreading the crossing ... thanks guys! Return leg is Caen back to Portsmouth which we've done lots of times. Plan is to drive that top corner of Spain & then all the way back up through France, should be good.
  6. I travelled on it after taking sea sickness pills, available from any reputable pharmacy. I'm so glad I did, as on the way through the Bay Of Biscay twas mostly white water, ship was heaving, I was loving it :D watching my beer slide back and forth, lots of people having trouble walking with a green tinge to their complextion, quietly glad that I had tied my bike down, rather than leaving it to the crew and very smug that the pills worked a treat.
    I found it weird that on my return I had an inside cabin, and above the bed there was a curtain...pulled it and there was the wall ???, felt really claustrophobic after that, visions of the Poseiden adventure spinning in my mind, I spent most of the journey out of the cabin...weird really as I felt fine knowing there was a window on the outward trip...oops rambled, yeh go by boat..tis fun :)
  8. Best thing for seasickness fresh air and food even if its only bread, being sick on an empty stomach is bad bad as the muscle spasm will eventualy bring up bile and that is horrible. The food itself will not make you sick not even a nice greasy pork chop. :))

    BTW Rr I didn't know Hughies mate was called Ralf...the only folk I heard using the great white telephone appeared to be addressing a deity or somesuch. :))
  9. a single to santander from portsmouth will cost us £469 on the date we drive 897 miles from ours will cost £197 in fuel [based on 20mpg ]

    and at the moment £44 euro tunnel . So if we did it in three days and took in a few more sights it does compare. We planned a trip of around three weeks.

    It took me three days to recover from a bad trip out to the barrier reef in queensland I remember feeling so bad I wanted to jump overboard ......I don't think

    I can risk ruining a holiday....if everyone had said no its rare that its bad but most people have seen it bad in the biscay. :-
  11. Stugeron sounds just what we need. I can boast great sea legs, I survived a 12 hours delay on a damaged ferry in the north sea during of the '87 hurricane, but Mrs D gets sea sick looking at pictures of mill ponds. (guess why we've never been on a cruise?)
  12. Opposite in our house, my Mrs can sit scoffing food and drinking through the worst gale while everyone else is chucking up in the toilets!
  13. Back in 1975 myself and two mates were in Spain at the end of a 6 month odyssey through most of Europe, Turkey and North Africa in our VW bus.
    The bus had taken quite a hammering on the trip so we decided rather than drive the length of France and cross the Channel (Calais to Dover) we would take the ferry from Bilbao to Southampton. This was going to be cheaper option plus a safer one in terms of avoiding mechanical trouble on the long haul up through France.
    So we duly rocked up at Bilbao and embarked with literally a crate full of cheap Spanish booze to consume on the voyage. Subsequently all three of us were very seasick and couldn't face a drop of the booze.
    This meant that when we disembarked at Southampton we were way over the customs limit for booze which was somewhat strict back then. Mind you that was the least of our problems, as the customs took one look at us, coupled with the fact we'd been to Turkey and Morocco and directed us and our bus to a side building and over a vehicle inspection pit where they proceeded to look for various heinous substances.
    Eventually we got out of there and with an expired MOT drove uneventfully but tired back to our respective homes.
  14. Seems like another post that I thought I had made has gone ???

    I did the trip across Biscay loads of times in the Navy some rough some flat calm, just the luck of the draw I suppose ;D

    Sometimes sea sick :( Sometimes not :D

    We did the Santander crossing with our bus this summer, was pretty quiet on board (june out of school holidays) and although my wife thought it a bit choppy (probably sea state 4?!) I didnt notice ... and didnt see anyone being sick, unlike on the fast cat back from Cherbourg where a number of persons were being sick including the family sat next to us :(

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