How sick will the Santander ferry make me??

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mandy, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Not got any sea we usually drive the bus but the furthest we've got is Bordeaux/ Lacanau [or we fly and pick up a hire car and get an apartment.]

    We want to do Galithea, Madrid and Biarittz in the bus then drive home to Calais and the ferry makes sense but I've heard its pretty choppy through the bay of Biscay even in the summer...what experiences has anyone had...don't scare me!!!
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    We did it a few years ago and it was pretty calm. It's 24 hours though and I remember feeling a bit rough at times.
    Nice part of Spain though - Picos de Europa are stunning :)
  3. A force 11 Pretty rough ::) 40ft swell ;) and a mill ponder ,the two extremes of when ive gone, youll be ok cant remember what tablets my friend who was a real pewka used to take that worked for him but no doubt someone will tell you.Go for it its fun and you might see some whales we did. 8)
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    sympathies from me, i get the pukes in a pedalo.... if i ever went abroad i'd have to use the tunnel, but i ain't got a passport so it's not likely. would love to drive abroad though so i'm envious.
  5. Just asked him it was stugeron tablets, but cant guarantee 8)
  6. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    aint that a type of fish?
  7. Normally very ,we use to the do the Plymouth to Santander every year as children and its the bay of Biscay where you get the really bad sea.
    We used Brittany ferrys and remember sneaking into the cinema to see First Blood for free and crawling down the isle on my hands and knees in the dark and putting my hand in a massive pile of sick :thumbsup:
    Happy happy days :)
  8. thats me

    sounds like a 50% chance of a choppy crossing. We flew over the bay of biscay this year on our way to Malaga and the plane just dropped what felt like a 100 ft or so.....everything fell out of the overhead lockers and some people screamed...that doesnt faze me.....its just boats
  10. thanks for your honesty

    my husband has offered to pick me up in the bus at Bilbao airport!
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  14. Seriously though Mandy try it ,its great, you can have a nice drink and let the world sail by. 8)
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    The cost of the crossing makes me queeeeesy .£1100.00 .st Malo was £600.00.but we have booked for next year to get £150.00 discount it was only £25.00 deposit so not much to loose if we cant make it for some reason
  17. As for storys ,one year it was so rough even round Plymouth we couldnt dock for 24 hours ,another year we had to circle for a couple of hours as a child had gone overboard ,never found them.
    Through the bay its like being on a roller coaster when its really rough ,just keep climbing and climbing then you just drop ,then repeat for hours :(
  18. Did a few years ago and going over it was like a mill pond not a wave to be seen.

    Mind you coming back they put the metal covers over the windows and drained the indoor pool boy was that rough you would be walking along and go weightless we had a great long jump comp.

    Being a long one you should get a cabin and just try and sleep if its rough
  19. Ive heard enough........were driving :)
  20. up on the deck and just slap on the ambre solaire sun bed ,drink your pinacolada and your their. No breakdowns no delays fuel ta buy just the ripple of water slashing against the sides. 8)

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