How did you name your van?

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  1. ours is called arthur, because when we got him, someone had done "halfa" job of restoring him, or rather wrecking him :-( so i finished it off.....not wrecking him, i mean restoring him......ha ha.
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  3. Ours is called Bobby. Not named by us, but when we went to pick him up (for he is a he) the previous owner told us that he'd been called that by the owner before him because he used to be lowered and would 'bob' along the road with the stiff suspension!
  4. Soppy bunch.
    Mine are always called "the van"
    And I call my cars "the car".
    The fridge is " the fridge".
  5. The local car hire place have a works transit with the reg S111TTA. You can guess where they put the black screw and what they call it. :)
  6. I think mine was a case of lost in translation, The first owner called it after its home. As it happens it comes from Minnesota but some how it turned in to Milly. :)
    I think it should have been Minne. Its to late to change now.
  7. After some help from some of the good people on here I decided to name my boy bus Bullet, due to there being a large bullet hole in the drivers door, which goes right through!
  8. Mine was easy the reg is BEW 42T
    So she became Beauty Bus( my 7 year old was the first to spot it)
  10. We spent ages trying to decide male/female and then find a name. I normally assume all my vehicles are female, that way, when they go wrong..............

    But when we were buying the van the guy said 'he' and Gill picked up on that, we then searched and searched for names but I thought he had the shape of Dougal from Magic Roundabout, and that was it
  12. Inspired by the numberplate we both picked a name
    Arthur (after Arthur Daley - our first dance was to the Minder theme - my choice)
    Barrington (Richard's choice - after Maid Marian and her Merry Men)
    Wisevan - our surname's Wiseman & when we called our mate Steve to tell him we'd bought a van he coined Wisevan
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  16. Bought mine and all the paper work came in a bright yellow folder, with "little miss sunshine" written on the front! NO.
    IT'S now called THE BEE. The kids idea and I like it. Want to get a wheel cover made say "the bee" in a John carpenter "the thing" style. Anyone know where I can get this done?
  17. Now in the right thread - our bay is called Alfie as it had an engine swap done by a guy called Alex - ALex's with Ford InsidE - this followed from one of our minis bought from a friend called Ellie who's other half had fitted a Vauxhall Nova engine, so ELlies mini with Vauxhall InSide became Elvis ! :)
  18. before we bought ours, it was always going to be a 'She'.

    When we went to see him/her, he/she was blue with a boys name. We went through loads of names but nothing stood out.

    We lost a friend of ours this year called Joyce, I suggested Joycee as a name, and it all fell into place. :)

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