Hi there all as any body changed there pushrod tubes with the engine still in place

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by David Shepherd, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Others will beg to differ but it's got to come out ...

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  2. Engine out, I’m afraid.
  3. Or spring loaded tubes.
    Not everybody had a place to remove and dismantle the engine or a big jack/ ramps/ stands and all that?

    For the adjustables, if you don't mix up the pushrods you only need an 11mm spanner and molegrips to destroy the existing tubes. Though maaaybe it'not easy to get the under tins out of the way?
  4. I have built a type 1 using spring loaded tubes - but on the bench, not while installed. They work fine if mated to clean surfaces.

    That might be your only option if you really can't take the engine out to sort it. Obviously (imho and from the multitude of comments), the first choice option would be to whip the engine out, as it would probably be quicker & easier and less likely to leak afterwards
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  5. Out.
    It’s the only way. You may even be lucky enough, to fix more problems than you started with, while it’s out.
  6. Dazza

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    Bring it to techenders in September with a new set of pushrods and seals... not joking either, if you can get it there there’s enough of us to muck in and fix it for free :thumbsup:
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  7. Ok thank you everyone for the comments.
    Regards Dave
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