Hi from sunny Devon.

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  1. Quite so, I already have a Bongo!
  2. Great Plymouth ain't so far for me, thank you.
  3. Hi from Devon too! I got Bertie for £6K & he’s mechanically sound & just needs some interior work & rusty bits fixed (nothing big). Keep hunting, peoples financial situations change all the time & a can would be the first to go (for some).
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  4. Gosh! I can't believe I started this thread so long ago! Obviously Covid's had a big impact on that but the fact of the matter is they just don't come up! I've only seen 5 vans in nearly 2 years! But I guess everything does come to he who waits.

    She's a 1974 converted panel van and looks a lot more shabby than chic but underneath she's quite a solid little bus.

    I got her off a lovely old couple who'd had it for donkeys years and have done whatever is necessary to keep her on the road including no small amount of body work along the bottom edge. They also fitted a lovely Dormobile roof and a new upgraded engine which although done quite some time ago has only done about 15K miles. Current odometer reading is 43K! The top half of the van is still in its original paint!

    Inside is a tidy usable camper and everything works it's just dated and not to my taste but certainly liveable and ready to go. I'm chuffed to bits :)

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  5. Yaaaaaaaaay
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  6. JamesLey

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    Excellent! More pics please :thumbsup:
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  7. Well done! Let's see some photos then :)
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  8. Thanks guys.
    A few more...

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  9. Having trouble loading!

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  10. OK last one!

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  11. Well done for persevering, the question is - did you stick to your budget?!
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  12. Well done, and welcome to your Bay :)
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  13. PIE


    If you could shift that purple paint I think it would look well good, nice patina.
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  14. Which one! With the work that needs doing I should be ok @ £6K but obviously failed miserably @ £4K
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  15. Yeah I'm not so keen on patina. I'd love to just have a re-coat of its stock Neptune blue and then just pick out the usual details in a white to match the roof.
  16. If you've managed to pick that van up and get it sorted for £6k then I'd say you'll have done better than ok!
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  17. Thank you but my budget allows for me doing a lot of the work! And there after it'll still need paint!
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  18. Hi, nice camper. Looks like you did well there. Where in Devon are you? I’m also in Devon
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  19. Hi thank you I'm in Paignton...yours looks real nice.

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