Hi from sunny Devon.

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  1. I confess to being more a campervan enthusiast rather than a VW enthusiast. Although I've always loved the T2 Bay the one thing that's always put me off was the drive! However having recently found out about relatively cheap power steering upgrades it's gotten me all excited as I can now have that along with an automatic and an engine capable of keeping up with motorway traffic - yay.
    As much as I'd love to dive straight in my meagre budget of 4K isn't going to get me very far as I'd like something solid and reliable but untidy with no interior. Having read some great informative info on here it appears I'm better off waiting and saving for the winter where my budget should be more like 6K and the vans should be cheaper to buy - but I'll still keep looking!
    I'm sure something will turn up one day and I look forward to posting about my conversion in the future as that's what I love, being a self builder.
    In the mean time keep up the good work as this site's been a real boon for me thank you.
  2. Welcome Ian
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  3. Welcome from a sunny Notts :D
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  4. Hello from new forest

    Pas wouldn’t be what I was worried about at this stage though
    I’m sure there are some abandoned projects for sale with some work done for your budget
    Good luck matey:thumbsup:
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  5. Greetings from Cumbria...
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  6. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
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  7. Dubs

    Dubs Sponsor

    Welcome! And good luck with the future project. :thumbsup:
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  8. Welcome from the west side of Sussex
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  9. Hi and welcome from cloudyish North Yorkshire! If you're looking for a decent bus at 4 to 6k, beware of scammers as they tend to put too good to be trues in that price range!
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  10. Gosh! Thank you for all the lovely welcomes :)
  11. Well no my main worry at this stage is buying a lemon. But it's just a relatively simple retro fit which I'm gonna need. And thank you, with my budget I'm gonna need a lotta luck.
  12. There is lot of advice on buying a camper on this forum. Check it out and ask on here for help whenever you need it!

    PS: I hope a lemon isn't a new adition to the swear filter vocabulary!
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  13. Hi and welcome. As I see it from your post, you would like a campervan but not necessarily a VW. your budget of 4k would probably only get you a project Bay which would need lots of work and cost put into it.

    If your budget stretched to 7k or 8k, you could get a good solid van.

    Bay's are great but they are 40+ years old and rust is the main problem with them. If its a Bay you want, look for one that is solid with little rust .

    If VW is not your thing, then for 4k you could get something like a Mazda Bongo, which would probably have the power steering you want. Think about what it is you actually want.
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  15. I saw that, but he wants something solid and reliable for his 4k budget, which in Bay terms is a big ask and not realistic. That's why I suggested the Bongo as there are loads on ebay for 4k and will get him out and camping.
  16. The fact he has joined The late bay suggests he wants a bay, not a Bongo !
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  17. Welcome from sunny Saltaire :)

    it may be worth popping to see the chap at Rawspeed in Plymouth - he may know of some decent buses around.
    good luck with the search and beware any with fresh-ish paint and only been owned a couple of years - that paints going to pop before you get it home! :eek:
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  18. Hi from West Lancashire - good luck in your search
  19. Another hello and welcome from the New Forest :)
  20. Yep, mine was lovely and smooth but got a fair few bubbles now!
    Good luck from Leicester

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