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  1. First to see will buy
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  2. Gladys is one of the family and we are sad to see her go.

    It’s a van and I don’t care you named it, if it means that much to you why are you selling. If she means so much how much for the kids.
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  3. It’s in fantastic condition for its age with only slight cosmetic rust that needs welding for the mot
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  4. ££££ Thousands spent :D
  5. "Not sure if it works, as I haven't got a mains plug to try it"
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  6. Yep. "We're having a baby, so the camper needs to go". Presumably, you're going to keep the baby in the garage?
  7. "I'm in no rush to sell" - yes you are.

    "If it doesn't sell I'll keep it" - stating the bleeding obvious.
  8. Needs some TLC = couldn't be arsed doing it myself as it's a big job and likely to be expensive
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  10. You've all forgotten "one day only" :)
  11. "Sold as project" ie I can't be bothered to call the scrappy to take it away
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  12. Real Head turner o_O
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  13. So was that girl in The Exorcist :eek:
  14. No that was a young Anthea
  15. Have we had 'barn find' yet?
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  16. Bottom half is sound, some very small signs of rust.
    Beautiful clean white interior roof headliner.
    Van has less than 1000 miles on new supension.

    Still, I bought it in 2010...
    Truth .. The headlining was white.
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  17. "Never been welded":rolleyes: although to be honest it should have been, but I know a dodgy MOT guy:D.
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  18. One of my favourite lines when a customer texts or calls me on a Sunday.
    Sorry to bother you on your day off but.
    No your f###ing not sorry or else you wouldn't have sent it.
    Also it's not important so pi55 off and call me tomorrow.
    Rant over I feel better now.
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    You miserable old gits :hattip:
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    Oops, seem to have wandered into some strange dimension filled with old people here. :eek::eek:

    Excuse me I’m off to the T5 forum to read about mega bass and sub woofers....:hattip:
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