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  1. ...... always a knobber advert if it starts with those 3 words. Don’t do it! I’m not the only person that only gets 3 words into your advert. What are you.. do you stand at home with your gavel waiting for bids... no you don’t do you so cease and desist immediately.

    This is an unspecific rant but if it is you then stop it now!
  2. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    The same with " Closing Down Sale ".
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  3. How about the growing trend of starting the answer to all manner of questions with "so ..."
  4. Seems we have some momentum here in the grumpy corner!
  5. "Relisted due to time waster"

    Relisted because the last person to see it realised what an overpriced heap of Eartha Kitt it was more like.....
  6. Plenty more where that came from ...

    "I'm not being funny but"

    "Don't get me wrong but"

    "Don't take this the wrong way but"

    I'm off to bed before I kick the furniture
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  7. And folk who begin sentences with “What it is...”
  8. Merlin Cat

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    There are lots of adverts I hate (and lots I love). The ones where your life will be made better by spending a fortune on over hyped stuff. The Lindt Xmas one is my most hated at the mo!
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  9. That’s a favourite... there’s usually a second “is” too!

    ... and what about... wait for it.... saying good several times in succession!
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  10. So what?
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  11. And........
  12. If it’s an eBay ad, likely also to include “patina” (covered in sh1te), “vintage” (old crap), “art deco” (ex-bingo prize) and “shabby chic” (old crap again).
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  13. Before I sign off for the night...

    “Get over it!”

    I shall be leaving you now!
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  14. Chillax!

    My nephew said that to me once. I would have clipped him round the ear but I couldn't reach - he's about 6ft 213
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  15. Your point is?
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  16. immaculate condition just some slight cosmetic rust :D
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  17. I use rust as a cosmetic! Great for the complexion dahling!
  18. Moons

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    One careful lady owner....
  19. Google translate = Requires clutch !
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  20. So, what it is is, like, I don't mean to offend but, like, is that the look you're going for dude?

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