Henry as well as all the others..

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  1. :lol: good idea...

    For three years i have been taking my beer out of a carton and putting it in the fridge ,the carton is only half the size of the beer tin ...This week I discovered if i moved a shelf the carton goes straight in....:rolleyes:
  2. Tardis cartons? How can the carton be half the size of the tins within? :thinking:
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  3. Something to think about :)
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  4. foe


    awesome thread!
  5. [​IMG]

    I washed this today....:lol:

    In June it becomes 30 and has a new registration "vehicle de collection" which basically says the mot is no longer every two years ,it is once every five years :chewie::chewie::chewie::chewie:.....

    In France "vehicle de collection"you were restricted to not driving out of your region ,but all sanctions have been lifted you can drive anywhere ,it`s a win win situation...

    So now both VW`s are soon to be collecteur items..:D
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  6. I thought, I would bump this took me 7 pages to find it...;)


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    don't you bookmark your threads?
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    How do you do that?
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    Watch the thread and it saves them to your watched threads folder
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  10. Nice ,I have it in there...:thumbsup:

    Mods you can fly me back to page 7...:D
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    It seems to watch every thread you ever post in though?
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    I've enjoyed this thread.

    I've enhanced it somewhat by reading it in the accent of the British undercover policeman in Allo Allo.
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    You must have clicked on watch all my threads (if there is such a check box) you just click "watch this thread" (without receiving e mail notifications) unless you want an e mail everytime someone replies - good for "for sale" threads
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    No :hattip:
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    Just checked mine, deffo only saved what I want, not what I post in (that would be mad)
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    Mines 180 pages long....
  17. I am slowly sorting the pickup ,I have done the p/s that used to be the d/s ...;)

    Since my post on JK "Henry on the road in a week" has gone eternally I might put it on here ,also various crabs,metalmen and waterwheels....:D

    I had to bump it cos I cannot find (be bothered)it on tapatalk...;)
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  18. I bought this last year for my son,sadly it didn't have enough street cred!


    I replaced the clutch and drove it up the field,I will get back on the case,because it is 30 it's another vehicle de collection

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  19. Been messing with the pickup


    To get spot welds out I use the sardine method



    Been repairing doors as well


    Thankfully my van will always be ratty

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  20. what did you do with the acro jack rear torsion beam in the end?

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