Henderson’s Relish

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  2. It's scraps and you could get a cake with them. In Lincolnshire they are called Yorkshire fish cakes 'cause they are special. .....like a lot of things from Yorkshire.

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  3. I'm originally a Lincolnshire lass and I've NEVER heard of Yorkshire fishcakes :confused:

    Love yorkshire but will defend lincs to the hilt :D
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  4. I didn't read it but was told about it first! :D :D
    Still makes me laugh :D
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  5. Not the Grantham Vaginas, Alex and Marcie? Lovely people!
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  6. ha! bloody phone. and wine! :D
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  7. Well, autocorrect does keep track of words you commonly use on your phone. I'll say no more :eek:...
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  8. pretty certain i've never used that... i'm generally not that polite, except on tlb! :D
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  10. bernard - to the point, no messing! :D
    I do believe it's now known as 'doing a Bernard' in certain circles! :D
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  11. Well yes but be sure not to get him mixed with others antics :D
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  12. I think it's to differentiate them from another type of fish cake. ...I think they are called something like arissoles!

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  13. ooh, i know them... met lots of 'em! :D
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  14. :eek:
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  15. not doing a Bernard one hopes :eek:
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  16. Are you back yet ??

    Did you see any stray whippets ??

    First dibs please :thumbsup:

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  17. What, on a whippet?? They’ll throw you out of that London with a whippet
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  18. Hopefully ;)

  19. Have you mentioned their rendition of Imagine......first line....imagine there's no Hendoes!!!
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