Help - Best wood for camper furniture?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dean_butler, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Zed


    Buy wood, build locker and cabinet all in one day? Take your time matey or it'll turn to Marmitee. :)
  2. Ive ogled that interior for the paravan many times
    Ok many many times as it just oozes quality
    Dove tail joints and no mdf swoon

    Well out of my affordability though:(
  3. I agree with Zed.. Plan it Dean, perhaps even make a replica out of cheap board the see how it turns out.

    Any pre-made Conti board from DIY stores will need a edging strip to hide the cut ends.

    You'll need several good quality woodworking tools to achieve a good result.. Don't rush it
  4. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

    We have a plan and two templates to make it from. I will post pics with how far we have got.
  5. paradox it's gone on a credit card and with buying a house probably the worst timing ever - completely sympathize with you!
  6. Im looking forward to seeing the pics of it installed in your bus:thumbsup:
    What interior do you have at the moment?

  7. Look forward to it mate, and don't forget the old adage Measure twice cut once!
  8. image.jpg


    I lashed these up in a day. Ill be painting mine, bit of prep and they look better I'm sure.
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  9. Just a thought Foxy, If those cables are for the 240v side of your fridge bring them up in the cupboard beside the fridge and put a socket on them, it makes it a lot easier to isolate the supply and easier to put the fridge in and out :thumbsup:
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  10. Yeah will do. They're from the old setup, haven't got round to all that.......looking for a zig unit at a decent price.
  11. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

    Built the overhead locker today. Just varnished it. Chuffed with outcome. 2x cabinets tomorrow :)

    Will post pics in place once dry.

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  12. That looks good dude:thumbsup:
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  13. Zed


    Nice work Dean. :thumbsup:
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  14. So how did you / are you going to attach the top box? Is it from the 2 ledges either side?
  15. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

    We have cut all the notches so it fits into one side of the beam and the other side comes right up to the edge but its impossible doe them both to fit on the ledge as you can't get it in (we have tried)
    So the other side sits on top of the cabinets. We are going to be rebuilding the same template as before but just with this better finish. Will post pics tomorrow when done.
  16. Watching and waiting with baited breath. Having looked at the prices some companies are charging wanted to see if home built can be done and still look good
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  17. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

    Well I'm pretty pleased how its turned out so far. We are only doing the overhead locker and 2 cabinets behind rock n roll bed so its not the entire lot (though that's the plan). If it all works out tomorrow it only cost £50 in materials. It's a lot of hard work measuring and getting it all to fit, but the cost is amazing. In sure a pro's work would kick ass no probs but it really has turned out pretty well.
  18. Im following this along dean as im crap with wood even though my dad was a carpenter
    Id love one of shj joinerys interiors but theres no chance of me affording it
    If there a remote chance i could make somthing acceptable i may give it a go
  19. Zed


    paradox, a man with your patience and eye for detail will make a lovely job of the interior. BTW LP is waiting for your box of engine bits. ;) He says he'll go and get it as it's not far, but I said to hold out and see if PW takes it over...
  20. They can. Have a look at the pics for majorhangovers. It is stunning.

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