Help - Best wood for camper furniture?

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  1. Im no expert at all but dont think they will. The only "fair" faced ply they are likely to have would be birch I think - try wickes as well. Ply is expensive from B+Q in my opinion. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable on the subject will be along at some point.
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  2. wow - hope they put the bumper on straight for that money!:)
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  3. oak is incredibly heavy as it's a hardwood. you mat be able to get a good oak veneer to overlay but solid oak is very heavy - although lovely.
    from that pic i would say that the colour is medium oak. :)
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    Thanks Ermintrude. Righto so best to try and track down some Oak Veneer Ply thats medium in colour.

    Right next question :) Does anyone know where I can get some Oak Veneer Ply thats medium in colour? :)
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  6. Get the yellow pages out and find your local timber merchants. There is no point fannying about with B&Q, they won't have what you want, and if they did it would be too expensive. Your local timber merchants is also likely to be helpful and friendly too. And they will be able to cut your wood up to your specifications too.
  7. I've heard good things about Vohringer Ply, but I don't know anything about it, but it's on my list of things to investigate when the time comes to replace/rebuild my interior.

    Maybe others can shed some light on this..
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  10. I just had all the interior panels done in 3.5mm wbp ply cut to shape for for less than £49 at Champion timber just now. A timber merchant would be your best bet certainly not any big DIY chain.
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    After a bit of research I totally agree.
  12. I was just reading an article about a guy doing vw interiors having spent his life making motorhomes and he said the motorhome/caravan industry standard is now veneered ply, cant remember the thickness but something like 9mm. It looks good and is light plus you can stain and wax it to however you want it to look. Brother in law has made a few things out of oak veneered ply, not super cheap but very very effective. I notice that the seal all the exposed edged with some sort of strip which i guess must be like the old fashioned iron on type. That solid oak interior is beautiful though :)
    For info, I made some new tops for mine with pine veneered ply and stained it with light oak and looked ook but i think if you had the oak veneered and waxed it would be more like the look you want :)

  13. So it will look like that? That's lovely.
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    The bus in the first post was Gingerporsche's on Earlybay. We did the cushions and door cards ....a sweet bus!! Go over to Earlybay and PM him he's a cool chap, he'll tell you what wood his mate used :)
  15. i'm using plywood

    a mixture of 3 and 5mm




    i still need to make a draw, some shelves and a door
  16. Do you have a Travis Perkins near you? They can order this in for you. Travis do tend to be very expensive if selling at retail but if you or anyone you know are in the trade they should be able to get good terms. If you were local to me I would sort it for you, I don't know if my terms would be geographically transferable for cash sales?!?!
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    Thanks for all responses very informative and puts my mind at rest about veneered ply. I have ended up sourcing a Timber Merchant right under my nose (10 mins away) that's open tomorrow morning that actually has veneered ply in stock :)
    All this research was worth it. We will be now making the locker and also 1x cabinet tomorrow hopefully :)

  18. Definitely post pictures and plans/measurements (a bit of a fetish of mine it would seem!)

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