Hello I'm looking for a van

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by LewBLew, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. This is my molly with the roof up x

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  2. I don't mind going and having a look for you but I am no expert so not sure if it would be any good for you :)
  3. Looks nice but I'm not sure about the in car stereo :rolleyes:
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  4. Don't worry, I've got a proper system in there ;) front and rear...
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  5. Howdy! I'm no way an expert but we bought Binky after hiring the lovely Gracie from Camperscape in Sept 2012. We wanted to make sure we really wanted one rather than just liking the idea of having one if that made sense. And she made us want one even more!!

    We spent a few months trawling sites like the ones you've been looking at but we ended up buying Binky as a US import and she's turned into a bit of a project which we never thought we would do. But it means we know we have a solid van and we know exactly what work we have had done on her (so far!).

    Hope that helps and good luck!

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  6. Those O'conners roofs are very nice. :thumbsup:
    Pay them to fit it, it sounds a lot but better than getting it home to the lake District, fitting it, fitting the canvas, finding out the hole in your roof is too wide and too long for the canvas, trailering it to East Anglia to have the hole reduced at short notice, then trailering it back to the lake District just in time for the holiday you booked off at work. ;)
    Planning is all. :lol:
    Not me, I was the hole reducer.
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  7. Thanks. Would you be able to tell if it was a complete dog, or painted pile of rust? ;)
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  8. Yeah confident to do that but not able to let you know condition of engine or what the van is worth sorry!
  9. Would you be happy to have a look at it then? Does anyone know how significant a "new front axel beam conversion done at Slamwerks in derby" is?
  10. Pm me your number :)

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