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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by LewBLew, Feb 19, 2014.

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    This is spot on.

    For me - finding a £9k van and budgeting £3k for a roof conversion is not as good a move as spending the £12k on one already converted.

    Again, each van on merit, but the choice at £12k I suspect is wider and has better vans in it.
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  2. I'd find one already done tbh... as @Moons says why spend money one one just to spend even more to adapt it when there are ones out there already done...
    well yeah but they're hammocks aren't they... not ideal in long term whereas there's the full width bed in roof to sleep two easily... I think vikings are great but I like the way my roof looks when closed... it really is personal preference...

    I know you've found a van you like but I wouldn't rush into it because there will be lots out there that you might like even more with full interior and everything you want from the roof :) have another look xxx
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  3. OK thanks, yes I'd rather spend the full amount on something meeting the spec from the word go rather than buying a cheaper one and having work done. Learning a lot today!

    I guess there are plenty of vans out there in the price-range and right spec, it's just finding one that doesn't mean travelling hundreds of miles! Anyone gone far to get their perfect van?
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    I got mine in Cardiff, so 200 miles each way maybe - I think the show idea is spot on, gives you an idea of what works for you and doesn't.
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    Looking for a van based on how far away it is makes no sense.
    There are people on here who will probably have a first look for you if its really a long way. That should weed out the total crap (of which there will be loads).
  6. Any shows coming up? I did have a mooch around one at Bromley Pageant last year. This one:


    Obviously it is a new one so different from the 70s ones but in terms of equipment, that's what I'm looking for (minus the water-cooled engine!).

    Also found this one, which is for sale by a vw specialist but on behalf of a customer, not themselves:


    Looks very nice but no camping interior. I'd have to put one in.
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    Oh god - THE can of worms is the modern v's old bay debate!

    I'd never buy a vehicle from a dealer that they are selling on behalf of a customer, surely the point of a dealer is to sell things to make money....usually they'd sell their granny, why not this time?
  8. Don't worry I'm not starting a debate...!!!!! I get exactly that WAY too much with Minis (original= better anyway ;)). I want a 70s one because my budget is more suited to that, and I simply prefer vehicles of that vintage anyway.

    Now that you've got me looking further afield... I've found a couple more I like the look of:


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswage...1446044?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item27dec91a9c - this one is only 2 berth is it?

    I've also put an ad on the classified here to see if anyone has one for sale which fits my spec.
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  10. Looks two berth to me as there doesn't appear to be any hammock type beds in the roof area. Definitely advise checking as far wide as you can - I limited myself to 150 miles, though could have been persuaded to go further but ended up very lucky finding both my vans within 10 miles!

    as for shows - http://www.bus-types.co.uk/html/home.html might be a bit late if you want to buy NOW but you will get a good selection of buses to check out there. If you buy one before then take it along!

    Check out the for sales on here also Just Campers forum has a for sale section and prototype forum does - if you want to go early that is ;)
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  11. Another Viking :)
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  12. could be worth the price of a train ticket to check it out though if it ticks most / all of your boxes...
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  13. True true. I've emailed the seller... Can't believe it's been for sale for a few months at the price and not sold?! Unless the bodywork is an awful lot worse than in the pics.
  14. Don't mention early bays on here, if you want advice re. those sort of vans, you'll have to go to 'the other place' ;)
    Early vans arguably look nicer, late vans go better(with the bigger engines) and stop better.
    If you want a RHD van with lots of sleeping space,I'd go for a Devon moonraker.
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  15. Cheers. I never realised there was such a distinction between the two. I'm in the right place though, I want better going and stopping and am not bothered about the looks (which I hardly noticed anyway to begin with).
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    Go take a look - go with eyes wide open as it's had paint over rust (look under the back lights in the pic). And it is priced low which can mean an honest seller and it needs serious work.

    There can't be many that have no rust - its nigh on impossible if the thing has been used a lot and is a British Bus.

    However, the amount of original kit might mean it's been looked after by a majority of the 10 owners.
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  17. We went all the way to Aberdeen and back from South East London to get our bus and even though he's not mint, he's perfect for us and it was totally worth the (freezing) journey :D

    There are so many out there you just need to do what everyone else has said and have a proper nose round at the shows and ask questions and keep looking. The right one will just pop out one day. Don't just buy any old one because you want it NOW as you'll end up hating it as it won't be what you really wanted.
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  18. Remember there are people who will look for you and others who can arrange Transport of unroadworthy buses on here.
    You'd be better off getting a good Bus from 200 miles away than a mediocre one from close by. :)
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  19. San Diego
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