Hello I’m not sure this forum is what I’m looking for

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  1. If it has a six cylinder engine then it is VW's own engine unless it has been replaced. The Perkins engine was the four cylinder 2.7ltr 4.165 engine, bomb proof but slow.
  2. Sounds like my kinda place
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  3. droids.JPG
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  4. 96C1BAD1-6CCA-471B-BCBB-A1868022533B.jpeg 96C1BAD1-6CCA-471B-BCBB-A1868022533B.jpeg 4E662747-3BCA-4E32-B869-FF3B0E7ED6F6.jpeg I should do a rebuild thread but I’ve not got any string
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  5. Pictures have no turn I canny do it
  6. lt1.jpeg lt2.jpeg have no understanding with these photos there’s no rotation arrows to turn the pics
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  7. Dubs

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    It's a problem with the forum apparently, everyone's pics are sideways now.
  8. PIE


    it pays to have a laptop
  9. PIE


    Hello, is it LT your looking for??
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  10. bernjb56

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    or Tapatalk
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  11. "The morning sun when it's in your face really shows your age"
    Quite an appropriate name for an aging lady of the street.
    "But that don't worry me none - in my eyes you're everything!
    Welcome from West Lancashire.
  12. She be nice when finished but a long long way from that and a big old bucket of
  13. If you scale them down to 1024 max resolution, (and I usually compress them too,) they will appear in the correct rotation. It's a site bug

    Welcome btw
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  14. Hi I have an LT35 just looking For some advise and help from the forum Community to assist with any problems I may have
  15. Ok I’ll give it a try many thanks!!
  16. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I think that was a play on Lionel Ritchies ‘Hello’ I may be wrong though..
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  17. Welcome from a sunny Notts!

    This bunch of buggers will take the miccy but they aint a bad lot to be fair!
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