Hello I’m not sure this forum is what I’m looking for

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  1. I have an lt 35 Coach built Motorhome I Google’d such and Found this forum seems to be more camper vans
    Any help would be appreciated
    Many thanks!!
    Keep safe!!
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  2. @Poptop2 is our resident coach built LT expert
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  3. This forum is for owners and lovers of rusty old VW camper vans
  4. Moons

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    What is your motor-home based on, do you know?

    We are suspicious of city types with their modern ways....also people that can do joined up writing, people that have visited countries with more that 2 syllable names and anyone that doesn't believe the earth is flat, or that toothpaste is the devils work.
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  5. Only need one expert
    I’m struggling with a few aspects firstly body panels to repair nasty holes cut out for manky old fridges and cookers but as these lt’s are rare can’t find any of the pressed Aluminium sheeting To repair the large holes Left
  7. Poptop2

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    You need to post a few details up and some pictures, there's a few on here other than me that know their stuff regarding LT vans.

    What conversion do you have, is it a LT 28 or 50 etc. I'm guessing it has the standard 2.4 six inline, is it TDI or naturally aspirated?

    I see the 35 bit now, so guessing again, British built maybe?
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  8. Poptop2

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    When you get past the humour the help here is brilliant. I've paved the way for LT owners on here, but we're elite and they despise our superior taste, however they can't help acknowledging a thing of beauty and will certainly have the answers you require. Persevere :thumbsup:
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    Apologies - I missed the first couple of letters of your post.
  10. Moons

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    I wasn't being humorous - I was stating fact.
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    I know I was writing in anticipation, I don't expect humour from you ;)
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    Is being called an expert an insult btw?

    You stately home/horsebox owners can be hurtful....
  13. Poptop2

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    Ex being something that has been, Spert being a drip under pressure!

    I know it's spurt, btw, it's better spoken :oops:
  14. I have a mere 6 bedroom house in Chelsea so I wouldn’t say city type
    only joking I live in a caraven
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  15. Hi, Maggie may is her name she is a bitch That won’t give up easily, she happens to Be an LT35 coach built Motorhome with a Perkins Diesel engine that I was told Was a 3ltr straight 6 so she going to be thirsty should of called her thirsty Kirsty
  16. LT.jpeg
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  17. I can’t get photos up the correct way they wasn’t taken wonky I’m struggling with this
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  19. I’m not sure this forum is what any of us actually set out to look for, but it’s kind of like a cross between the Hotel California and that one in The Shining......................

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    That pretty much sums it up! :lol:
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