Hello from Leicestershire!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by SeanAlex, May 9, 2019.

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    Welcome along - the journey begins.
  2. Welcome from sunny Yorkshire!

    Incidentally, how old is the New Forest?
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    Welcome. Now you have got the obligatory breakdown out the way, I'm sure you will have many trouble free camping trips. :thumbsup: (best put a couple of spanners under the back though, just in case... oh, and don't throw the original gear lever away.. ;))
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  4. I have just replaced my EMPI shifter which was put in by a PO (never had the standard one) - it would hit the handbrake when selecting 1st making it very difficult - have now fitted a CSP which much better
  5. Welcome from France, you haven’t really broken down until you break down in France.

    I have a new EMPI shifter you could have had at a bargain price.
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  6. Is it really sunny in Yorkshire or just in Barnsley? Come on, tell the truth ;)

    I think ‘new’ maybe slightly open to interpretation!
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  7. Barnsley is really too far south to be in proper Yorkshire which is why it's always sunny. However, up in the North, we do get the occasional sunshine. In summer, the further north you go, the longer the days are so on a good day we get more sunshine than Barnsley!
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    I should point out that owning a bay will change your life,and being on here you will see and read things that would scare lesser mortals
  9. Friday and Saturday night is usually the worst, when they've all been on the ginger.
  10. I’m an engineer by trade I always carry tools! On this occasion however....... slight oversight!!

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  11. Drill out the rivets on the then base plate of the EMPI one and put some bolts in the holes instead before you fit it... just save you from doing it by the side of the road later... when you'll be carrying a tool kit..

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  12. All part of the rich tapestry of owning a bay!
    By rich tapestry I mean constantly poverty stricken, or is that just me?

    Welcome from County Durham.
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  13. What’s the deal with techenders then.… :)

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    2 weekends a year just outside Lutterworth.
    Loads of people tinkering with vans and having a beer.
    That’s about it really!
  15. We’re in!!!

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  16. Hello & welcome.

    Get to know @davidoft he is good for parts. Better to buy second hand than it is new.
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  17. Nice to know thanks! Yes quickly realised when looking at a couple of busses and seeing repro doors etc not matching up!!!

    Our first job is new cab door seals as the current ones seem to bulge out all over the shop and a sliding door seal as it’s missing!

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  18. Various places sell decent ones. The grey ones are the best ones to buy.
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    Welcome from Hayling Island, before buying seals find out why they don’t fit
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  20. welcome from Leicestershire, did you pick it up from private owner or garage?

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