Hello from Leicestershire!

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  1. Hello all,

    We picked up our lovely green 74 bay last night!!

    Drive home was going great until I put it into reverse at the fuel station and the complete lever/linkage mechanism came loose leaving us with no forward gears!

    The recovery truck saved us on the fuel I guess!

    Hope it’s not going to be like this every time it’s taken out!! Still excited for the future!

    Thanks Sean & Alex


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  2. Poptop2

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    Congratulations. Welcome :thumbsup:
  3. Welcome from a sunny Notts :D
  4. Welcome from a relieved East Grinsteader
  5. Not a great start! Enjoy the ups and downs from me and Filbert in lovely Leicester
  6. Hello from NW Leicestershire.
  7. Welcome from Saltaire :)
  8. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Good to pop your breakdown cherry so early!
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  9. Hi from West Lancashire - at least the gear stick is easily put back on with two bolts that are prone to slackening off I am told . I made sure I tightened Mine up well when I plucked up the courage to put a new gear lever on
  10. All part of the bay journey welcome aboard
  11. Welcome:cool:
  12. Hey! Yes I fear that’s exactly what happened, we were foolishly 90m from home with not even an adjustable spanner! Bought an empi shifter for it already so should be nicer moving forwards!

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  13. Welcome along. You’re definitely not the first to break down on the way back from picking a bay up! Love the colour.

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  14. Hello and welcome from down south in the New Forest :)
  15. Hello and welcome from Tufty:)
  16. Welcome from East Leicestershire, will look out for you on the roads of Leicester.
  17. Baysearcher

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    Look up Techenders at Viccy Farm.
    Not far from you!
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  18. Could you not have driven home in reverse? ;)

    And welcome. That looks a nice bus from the picture :thumbsup:
  19. Day

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    Hello from the Italian Alps.
  20. Welcome, from the frozen North.

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