Hello...'79 Bay Watercooled 5 speed only a bit different

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Frisco, Jun 12, 2015.

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  2. I agree... modified forum would be a better location for it :)
  3. Whichever works best.
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    Moved to modified
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  5. Thank you kindly

    Engine update coming
  6. dog


    What a great project! Keep up the good work buddy!
  7. Ok so the gearbox and scrap engine are now back from the engineers and it's all going to plan so far.

    Flywheel made to take the audi cluth with the honda crank pcd. The dish in the centre accounts for the adapter plate thickness and lets me use the standard honda flywheel bolts.
    It's made out of EN8 so is about the same weight as the original audi cast one. Heavier than the honda one but I don't think it'll make all that much difference.


    Adapter plate in the making


    The two meet


    Starter motor positioning.
    This was a bit of a ball ache. It initally looked like there was loads of room at the 8 or 4 o clock position but that didn't work out. Still though it fits and there's enough clearance to remove it without removing anything else.

    Machining the relief cut in the box for the starter. this is the only modification to the box and really it could be done with a holesaw if i had to change the gearbox later.


    And the starter in place


    Need to crack on with the bodywork now.
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  8. [​IMG]

    She's looking a bit sorry for herself but we're at least in the right part of the workshop now.
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  9. Now then, we have a bit of work ahead of us.

    At some stage the battery leaked and took out this corner and the battery tray.


    The other side isn't as bad but the work is pretty much the same



    Getting her stripped down now.

    Engine and box to come out now. Anyone got any idea of what a 1.6 engine and box is worth with all the tinware etc? No endfloat that you can feel in the crank and all the tinware is 100% rust free.
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  10. I brought engine (not g/box) for £350

    It's worth as much as someone willing to pay.
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    I sold my 1600 TP with twin solex carbs but no tins for £650
  12. Got a few hours at it so made a start at stripping it down to see how bad things really are. Luckily no drastic surprises past what I pictured before.

    Stuck together a bit of a timelapse, not too sure if I like it but I figured I'd try it. The music is a bit......

    Worth doing? What do you think?
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    bon courage....:hattip:

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