FREE Heavy duty Singer sewing machine

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  1. Not a chance!.... got mine home in a Peugeot expert van .... also they have an open oil sump full of sewing machine oil so need to be stood up at all times or you get oil all over the back of your Peugeot expert van!!!
  2. It would fit in a T2 though, right? I'm already planning a new career for myself as an upholsterer. I wonder if I'd enjoy it?
  3. What is your current form of employment? Its a vocation o_O
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  4. Must be stressful. My ol man killed himself.
  5. i honestly think I would enjoy it, the satisfaction of getting covers and templates just right and the tuck and roll, id really enjoy it i know i would, really hands on! where are you @tommygoldy it could be a race between us in our busses to go get it lol!
  6. Tempting as it is I'm gonna let you have dibs brucie.
  7. 2nd/3rd dibs if Brucie/Tommy drop out. Mrs K would love this.
  8. thinking about it, I could bring my trailer down and secure it in place in that, tarp over the top and away i go, cogs are still turning even at this hour folks BOOOOOM!!!! *head hits keyboard* game over now.
  9. Go for it - take a mate to help you lift it, table alone weighs a ton (not literally). If my mrs would've let me I would be on my way back with it now - Cambs about 3 1/2 hours from me - paid about £140 for my brother machine from Rochdale - worth every penny!
  10. I will have it bargain "To Europe":thumbsup:
  11. Totally confused now as to who is having the machine!!!
    I have been sitting on my hands with my mouth gagged, thinking resist!! If it is still up for grabs put me down and I can collect at your convenience, have used similar machines before so it's a bit like the old days.
    If it's claimed by someone else no problem but let us all know by who so they can help with all our seeing
  12. im trying to establish a possible date I can get it, @zed are you available most times?
  13. Moons

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    Should have taken a Peugeot Novice van...
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  14. fantastic thats a posh one - electrictery stuff wow! :thumbsup:
  15. Think maybe he got stitched up on that one (couldn't resist !!)
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  16. Iwasjustbored...

  17. davidoft

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    I thought I was at the front of the queue, will it fit in a bay ?
  18. Just! Through the sliding door & van will need to be empty, be wary as it's a two man lift and the machine has an open sump full of thin sewing machine oil so you will need to strap it down really securely & high (for high read any) speed cornering will be a problem unless you want to spend 3years cleaning the inside of the van! I know about these things!!!!
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  19. EDIT : I had only travelled about 1/4 of a mile when the machine I bought tipped over slightly, luckily it was in my work van & on a positive note now my tools are clean & all rust free - even my 1980's spanners - no need for scotchbright in the back of MY van!
  20. I've moved it 6 or 7 times and no oil fell out. Maybe got lucky, maybe it needs oil! I don't remember it ever being used since it left Bristol.

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