FREE Heavy duty Singer sewing machine

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  1. Thinking of starting up a sweatshop? Or making your own cool camper seat covers? Wifey's little sewing machine not up to it? I have just what you need...

    It's a Singer 96KSV7, or at least that all I could find on it. I plugged it in and it works. I didn't actually thread the threads and sew because I don't know how, but it does go/needle goes up and down. My ex used it at work to make curtains for posh people in Bristol and they gave it to her as a leaving present. She hardly used it and doesn't want it now. Luckily it's been piled up with curtains and other stuff which has kept the dust off! Here's some pictures.

    The whole thing.

    Closer up.

    Other end.

    Bad pic of the makers name and model number.

    This bit you can load spools of thread.

    The monster motor - this runs all the time and has a clutch mechanism. I think the knee operated lever lifts the head up and down leaving your hands free.
  2. Pick up only from Ely, Cambs. ;)
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  3. Nice one Zed.. Wish I was closer.. My mrs would love that :thumbsup:
  4. Thats a proper machine:thumbsup:
  5. I wanted it but wife says no :oops:
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  7. Yes please I will have first dibs. Will have to work out how to pick it up.
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  8. :lol:
  9. Let me know :)
  10. My old man(upholsterer) had one very similar. It was a treadle one converted to electric. Is the blue paint original? My dads was more traditional Singer colours, black with like a flowery/scroll pattern.
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  12. £100 delivery to TE
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  13. Nice machine. Trying to think of an excuse. Kind of glad someone else has called dibs.
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  14. This is an industrial straight stitch machine fitted with a clutch motor & knee lifter for the needle foot. Looks to be in good nick with forward & reverse action.... & a bargain at that!

    My wife also says I can't have it (I was on my way to Ely)...... because I already have one ..... like that's ANY sort of reason!!!!!!????
  15. Sorry I need to pull out my dibs. Why do I put my foot in it and let the Mrs know tuesday_wildchild
  16. Sorry zed, would love to of had chance on this.
  17. this is very very tempting!! I actually want to learn how to sew, do you think it wall fit in a mk4 golf? :)
  18. Ill have dibs after @tommygoldy unitl i ask the missus lol! HAHA! ......
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    I may have a cooker I could deliver to techenders, delivery would be expensive too ;)

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