harp larger email of complaint

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  1. You could be lucky they might send you a harp , can you play:D
  2. party time
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  3. They will prob send these 68D37E7F-41C8-4E8E-A828-E2282D7943E0.png :D
  4. tins for me lol
  5. Sssshhhhhh :D
  6. TLB Party at @shielsy when the free ones arrive ;)
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  7. I've got this!
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  9. josh a member of harp phoned me today to say he got a 3rd email from me , as i wasn t happy that i had not got a reply from them , he said he sent a letter to me and to refund me for the harp happy days , i didn t get one ?
    he said i sent it on 26th jan , and was shocked to hear i didn t get it .
    he read out the address that the letter was sent too, THE OFF LICENCE IN QUESTION lol not my address

    and the off licence didn t tell me

    so he said ill send a new one , and he was happy to hear off my problems , he said that if i didn t report then it didn t happen and harp could fix it

    so all went well in the end just to receive me letter from harp
  10. “Harp stays sharp til the bottom of the glass”
  11. Carlsberg don’t write letters of complaints but if they did
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  12. Poptop2

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    You’re right. Carlsberg export in a bottle is nectar, in a can it’s pants.
  13. Looks like Shrek opened them.

  14. I have never seen or heard the phrase 'as a keen burdock enthusiast' ever before!
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  15. You have now ;)
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  16. @shielsy, you must have been very polite in your letter :)

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  17. dont ye just think they are so good together
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  18. What, the larger and the glass?o_O
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  19. the royal couple i think they are great, and the harp soon be beer o clock
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