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  1. harp lager email of complaint had to be sent by me lol

    16 cans out of 24 the ring pulls cam off so had to use knife to open them

    they ve come back looking loads of details date bought shop have i any left NAW

    but i did have pics of the broken cans

    it will be interesting to see what the out come will be HARP 001.JPG HARP 001.JPG HARP 002.JPG
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  2. Day

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    Harp larger......

    Say no more....;)
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  3. I bought some hipster drink in WH smith a coyple of years ago advertised as dandelion and burdock, to my dismay as a keen burdock enthuiast i rang said company and complained, they appologised and asked for my address. A week later i received a courier delivering 2 cases of 24 bottles :D Result:thumbsup:
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  4. Moons

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    You say hipster drink....I sense a closet Enid Blyton fan.

    Bet you've got lashings of ginger beer hidden away too...
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  5. Rather old chap :D
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  6. A mate wrote to Seabrook Crisps complaining that there were 2 green crisps in one packet, he is a moaning git only time he's happy. Anyhow, had a family day out at the factory and then they filled his car up with crisps, still in the packet like. Could imagine them ' This'll show the complaining prat!'
  7. You should have complained that 8 of the cans opened properly so you had to drink the filthy stuff!
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  8. Beer and cans don’t mix imho. Ruins the taste.

    If it’s not on tap it’s got to be in glass bottles for me.

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  9. Baysearcher

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    Tap or glass bottles wouldn’t help that muck!
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  10. Good point well made :)

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  11. Poptop2

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    And the problem is? :oops:
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  12. :burp:Harp lager isn’t that brewed by the same people who made Kamikaze
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  13. Dazza

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    Sorry to be pedantic but it’s Lager not Larger :thumbsup:

    But I reckon they’ll compensate you for your trouble @shielsy , they should do if customer care matters - if they don’t - put the same photos on their Facebook page and see what happens
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  14. Fingers crossed they send you some real beer as compensation:cheers:
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  15. i sent emailed them with reply , filling in the points they asked , i then went to the off licence and spoke to the manager and told him what i done . he explained that they had loads of complaints over the last week about the same thing.so he opened a few cans and they broke others didnt ,but at least they no,

    he then said ive a few hundred boxes and how do they no which are faulty

    harp is a beautiful drinkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y37JxqBNXRg
  16. yes but am irish spell as ye speak
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  17. You offer your services as a tester of course!

    (They’ll have to pay you) :)
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  18. Is that you stating a preference? :)
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  19. i was glad the manager wAS ON MY SIDE , ive never complained before to a big company
  20. Let’s see what happens.

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