Halloween Camp 25-27th October 2013 at the Bickerton Poacher nr Chester

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  1. I think you'll find @Paley does actually have working arms and legs, so if he wants a sausage casserole give him the recipe and tell him to work out which room is the kitchen :)
  2. I think we should dress up one night... which night...
  3. weve got one week after betty is going as a bat :D im not saying. wish we was closer you lot have so much fun up their in winter :(
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  4. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    But as a dutiful wife it is your pleasure to get into the kitchen, rattle them pots & pans & prepare the hardworking @Paley the meal he desires.

    Scurries off & hides before the wrath of The Sisterhood descends upon my head. :theforce:

  5. We would have loved for you both to join us @Barneyrubble! We will have to look at arranging something a bit closer to you, or at least within travelling distance :)
  6. Aww you should try come up... even in the car oe what not as I think you can stay at the bickerton :) would be great to meet you and halloween camp is so much fun... I was thinking of being a bat :) hehe x
  7. Sorry cant make it ,vans getting a face lift.
    If anyone fancies a laugh at the previous resto done on my van in 2006 go to 81a vw on facebook its the blue and white devon ,pleny of pictures :thumbsup:
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  8. Saturday night - Skittles night!
  9. Our costumes are ordered! :)
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  10. Anyone heading from Bolton/North of Manchester way wants to meet up Friday afternoon and go down?
  11. Can't wait now x
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  12. We might do @davek, we're coming from Halifax so will be M62/ M6 - what time were you thinking of?
  13. Northerners you see - a bit of cold? Felt nowt!!!
  14. we wont either paley , bats dont and if you saw what i was wearing i wont we will be in our buses too ;)
  15. the mind boggles :)
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  16. bernjb56

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    We have costumes ready for whatever night we are doing - will be expecting to see lots of other people in costumes :)
    There is a disco there on Saturday night btw :eek:
  17. jivedubbin

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  18. Did we finally come up with a food plan for Friday? I know there was mention of Jenny's famous sausage and bean casserole but has anything else been decided?

    We've got a "thing" on at work on Friday so I won't have time to do a brisket chilli :( Instead I plan on doing a veggie chilli, could someone please sort out rice - I can bring our electric rice cooker if needs be :)

    I'm also going to pack the party tent and the fire pit so if people could bring lots of wood that'd be great.

    Only 4 sleeps to go :chewie:
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  19. Am I making a sausage and bean casserole then? Need to know in advance please ....
    Also, are we all bringing costumes for Halloween - we have got some ready but don't want to be the only ones turning up in fancy dress!!! :eek:
  20. The casserole is up to you, I know paley wants it :D

    As for costumes definitely bring them, we have ours and will be wearing them with pride :chewie:

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