Halloween Camp 25-27th October 2013 at the Bickerton Poacher nr Chester

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  1. Right, that's the 25th shift swapped. Just waiting on leave/ toil for 26th.....
  2. Dave k has booked but may only need hook up on the sat as he may not be there friday... waiting to see if bot there will be a spare hook up on friday x
  3. I don't want to eat meat menu... pls will you ask for veggie option when you speak to her @jivedubbin xxx
  4. A meat menu. I always thought Chinese menus should be made of rice paper but a pub menu made of meat. Sorry I couldn't wait so I ate everything on the menu. Share the splitter if you want to?
  5. Spoke to the landlady this morning and our dining options are as follows:

    Menu Option 1 £8.50
    • One course Roast Carvery
    • Choice of two meats and all the trimmings
    Menu Option 2 £11.50
    • Two course carvery
    • Soup and carvery Or Carvery and Dessert
    Menu Option 3 £14.50
    • Three courses
    • Soup Carvery Dessert
    • 2 roast meats, potatoes and vegetables with all the trimmings carved for you by our chef
    • Starters and desserts discussed at booking. Speak to our chefs...
    Menu Option 4 £7.95
    • Beef and vegetable Hot pot with bread and butter and red cabbage
    Minimum of 15 people

    Menu Option 5 £8.95
    • Curry of the day with rice
    • Lasagne with garlic bread
    • Steak pie with home made chips
    For the veggies she's said if we go for the carvery option its (in her own words) a very nice nut roast with veggie gravy. If we went for option 5 the veggies could choose something off the menu which basically seems to be a few fish dishes and a couple of pasta dishes:-


    She didn't mention what veggies would have with option 4 (although we need 15 people for this one) - I assume you could just pick the meat out ;)

    If people only want the carvery and then some want dessert as well we can always order that off the menu once we are there - the Eton mess was lovely :D

    Can everyone post up what they fancy then we can all have a bun fight to settle on the end choice :thumbsup:
  6. Menu 3 if i can get the day off.
  7. Flakey

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    We would be happy with option2, but won't argue with the consensus.
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  8. Option 2 sounds good to us, but we are happy with any really :)
  9. jivedubbin

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    Menu 2 or 3. For us but. Happy to eat everything. So do they have salad cart
  10. 5 pls
  11. I'll have whatever the normal folk are having (not the weird vegetarianisms). HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thanks to @Dubweiser for sorting my life out for me (again) - don't know my arras from my elbow at the moment

    @carlot25 I'll split mine with you fella
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  12. jivedubbin

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    @carlot25 I'll split mine with you fella[/quote]
    what about the meal
  13. Wahey. I'm booked in 25,26,27. Anyone share a hookup please? For a tuppenth of heat and a hapeth of charge for my phone. Option 3 please and rather officious landlady wants to know options soon.
  14. Ta girl. Booked in now. (Off to buy a splitter cable)
  15. bernjb56

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    I've got a 3-way splitter Carl - will bring it along :thumbsup:
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  16. Cheers man. Thing is I've just gone and bought one! Bring yours anyway, someone might need it!:worship:
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  17. Why does no one use the king and his idolisers smiley? Can anyone see it as an option? No, it's not existential hour again!
  18. Hiya guys

    Sarah's just had a call from the landlady at the Bickerton and she's asked us if we could get just one person to sort out our meal options for the Saturday night (as she's getting rather confused). Sarah will then phone the order through 2 weeks before we go.

    So continue to put down your options on this thread then we all have to agree on ONE option and if thats the carvery then she's agreed that the veggies can order off the main menu

  19. Ok. Option 3 for me. Thanks.
  20. Oh and one more for the veggiegoround, she's Keane to come.

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