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  1. Now for something completely different :)
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  3. I may be old fashioned but I think this is one of the best ever guitar solos.

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  5. From a great film too, Midnight in Paris.
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  7. Indeed Monsieur Tati :)
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  9. Saw these guys around 1977 Manchester opollo, i broke down on the M62 on way home. I couldn't hear the emergency operator on the phone ,or the police that stopped and told me to put my lights on whilst oh hard shoulder. I was truly deaf wiith their volume
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  10. Saw em in '79 def lep was the support act :)
    It's getting late so......
  11. PXL_20201127_230801442.jpg
    Just has a sneck lifter whilst listening to the selection
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    From 3.21 onwards....just one of the best things, leave alone musical solos, I’ve ever seen. Onstage with Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and I assume The Heartbreakers as they induct George Harrison in to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Unrehearsed, no one knew he was going to do that solo that way....the look of delight on Dahni Harrison’s face when he does the stage fall...and then the disappearing guitar at the end.

    I don’t think I’ll ever see better.

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  13. Woke up again :)
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  15. I echo your comments moons, saw this some time back and saw prince doing his thing, thought what a dick, now i think its just brilliant showmanship.
    There's plenty of clips of the likes of clapton, geoff lynn and the like together and there all a pure delight to watch.
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  16. Can i add another, he looks like he doesnt believe how lucky he is to be there
  17. I always dedicate that song to Mrs C' son :rolleyes:
  18. He is absolutely brilliant, try this one not the guitar classic but cool and easy

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    Apparently he was supposed to do the middle solo and all the other Clapton touches, but Tom Petty’s guitarist did a note perfect version (to be fair, he was brilliant too) so Prince asked if he could do the finish solo.

    I just love it, him being a multi instrumentalist, the look, the swagger, how effortless it was...and the theatrics, just mega!!

    That live must have brilliant.
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  20. Bit of class for you :thumbsup:

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