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  1. Christmas madness is around the corner, and were gonna be plagued with many a merry Christmas tune, to be honest i dont mind them at all . but i do like a good not too heavy rock tune with skill full guitar playing .
    I think the group Queen are brilliant on record but (i as a non musician) think Brian May isnt realy good to listen to live , they are so much more than Bohemnian Rhapsody , especialy in their younger days.

    To that end i put forwards a couple of songs that i listen to regular, could i ask you add to the list so i have something to listen to over the festive period

    The first is Gary Moore , His face at the time 8.40 shows that he knows "boy i did well there*

    This second track relates to my queen comments above, 5 mins of great music

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  2. Peak Zappa
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  4. ...then there’s this
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  6. Pretty much anything by Maiden, Steve Vai, megadeth, Metallica. If you want classic, Hendrix, led zep, Santana and of course the solo in Freebird

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  7. No one's mentioned Eric yet -- so here we have the ultimate with Derek and the Dominos
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  12. Haha, wondered how long before a certain Canadian trio made an appearance :thumbsup:
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  13. Bit of a ballad, but very tasteful and technically excellent solo from Mr Paul Gilbert (My fave guitarist!)
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  14. Better video of it :)
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  15. Gets rockin at 6:00
    And so do the 70s California chicks .
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  16. For guitar solo's you cannot go far wrong with the legend that is, Mr Scott Gorham along with Brian Robertson..Thin Lizzy' Rosalie :hattip:

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  18. Or from Barnsley Beach:

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  19. Some fantastic stuff here ,also with the sublime George Formby! Keep coming though

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