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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by MadFrankie, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Signal has been a bit hit and miss tbh, best of 17 but as low as 7. GPS signal comes back as either ok or low.

    Was gonna move the aeriels, will try and site them higher. It does respond quickly to all calls, just the arm one let me down but I suspect poor network signal was reason (known black spot)
  2. Sorry to hear you are having problems with the GPS tracker, but like MadFrankie mine has also been working fine and I am very pleased with this product. The orange wire ( alarm/horn ) did not seem to work on mine but i didn't want it to use this alarm feature anyway. :)
  3. Hi,

    Does anyone know if fat mike is still on this forum?

    I need to contact him about his app. How do I check the member list?
  4. Theres a member on here called 67westy who wrote an app, he modified his app to work with the tk201-2 that I have as well as the tk103 units that are designed specifically for vehicles, I dont think his real name is Mike though.
  5. Fat mike was his forum name. You can get the app from the App Store, I helped him with a few bugs, (well told them about them), and what is like to see in the app.

    I had a couple of bugs to tell him about but sure he is on top of it.
  6. also the motion sensors have an adjustment on them, it its set too low, you wont activate it even when driving, just a thought!
  7. Hi,

    I've just received a version of this GPS tracker (a TK103b) and was wondering which SIM/package you are all using...? I've read that these units don't support 4g, but I guess that applies only to the GPRS/Web-based tracking feature? For SMS tacking only, does it matter?

    There are 2 wires for the 'door open' trigger, which I assume hook in to the courtesy light. How have people wired this up?

    My plan, at least initially, is to hook it up to detect vehicle movement, the door opening and the ignition being switched on, such that in those situations it would sound the horn, send a SMS message and cut power to the coil. I'll worry about hooking the fuel level sender in at a later date.

    Also, I've found an Android based app for the tracker, too...just called 'TK103 GPS Tracker'.



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