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  1. Hi all,

    I know BaG hEaD has done a review of a tracker, that is practically the same as this one but I got mine from eBay, at 1/3 of the price and an extra remote control. The only thing it didn't come with was any sim...

    It did come from China so was a bit of a punt to know if it was the same one / same build quality etc so thought it worth a review thread.

    So, I ordered it 2 weeks ago and received it on Tuesday, so pretty damn quick delivery from China. It was well packaged and when I opened the box I was pleased to see that it was the same set up as in BaGhEaDs review:

    It came in the same box, with all the same gubbins inside plus extra remote but minus sim. I had a look at all the components, connections and was please to see that they were all good quality. I unscrewed the actual box and checked the insides and again was pleased to see proper charge circuits, a nice tidy board and good soldering, (not by a 4 year old with some wire and a hot screwdriver). So all in all, well chuffed!

    I took it home and last night managed to get 10 minutes in the van to fit it. Like Baggy I read the instructions through a few times, (they are in pretty good english but do need a bit of re-reading to confirm but nothing too taxing).

    I spread the wiring out on the floor of the van and separated each wire:



    It is a very simple device in how it works. You add a sim to it, connect it to a 12v supply and then wait a minute for it to get a signal connect to the phone network and that's it ready.

    It has the following functions, (and I don't think I'm helping any crims with this as it's freely available on the eBay description), all available out of the box with wiring ready to be connected.

    Panic Button
    Ignition on alert
    Door open alert
    Engine power cut off, (you get a relay that can cut power to whatever you choose)
    Movement alert
    Status check
    Location check
    Reset button

    Essentially the way the box works is you call or text commands to the number of the sim and it replies to you when the command is accepted. You need to set up authorised numbers to give it the commands but this is a simple thing to do, you set up one number using their password, then change the password to something you want and then any unauthorised numbers calling will be ignored.

    I've currently just installed it as a tracker as I'll need more time to wire it all in correctly to the ignition etc but I'm sure it will be an easy job, just got to track the wires in somewhere and fix accordingly. (I'll update this thread when I do it).

    So, the important bit, does it work?

    A quick click of the panic button and I got a text back saying help me with the location. For anyone with a smart phone the location is a link which opens in google maps and is pretty much spot on to about 5 meters. It continued to text me at pre-set intervals until I text it to stop. Cool.

    I then set up the movement alarm. This is probably the most useful thing for the van as it effectively texts you as soon as the van moves. It texts you its location and speed and same as before its a link which opens in Google Maps.

    So, needing no excuse to take the van out for a drive I used it to convince the wife that it was imperative that I spend 30 minutes driving around to test.

    Sure enough, I got 100m down the road and I got a text, and continued to get a text all around the drive and even when I returned home it text me until I text it back to stop. I then sat down and went through the texts and sure enough it was spot on with the location and speed, (honest officer, I think that must be broken, my van doesn't go 65!), and I could easily plot the route I had taken. Perfect!

    To top it all off, FatMike wrote an app for his, (and Dubious'), tracker and he kindly sent me it and it works perfectly with mine too! The app simply makes it easier to send the correct commands to the device...Perfect again...

    All in all, so far I'd give the device a 10/10. Does exactly what it says it does and very simply. I'll be installing all the other bits now so will update when I do but for now I do feel a bit more comfortable about the safety of the van. I know it won't stop it being nicked but it will make it easier to find and I will be told about it immediately.
  2. Hi MF ! i followed your lead on this and bought one aswell ! At that price i could'nt not buy one especially as you had already given it the Thumbs Up . Thanks for the Heads up and i look forward to your update when you get round to wiring up the other functions , cheers Mate :)
  3. Great review MF, K+,
    One question. What sort of sim are you using PAYG or PM? the reason i ask is it would be just my luck that the van got nicked and my PAYG service had expired! (do PAYG sims have a time limit on the time the top up can used?)
  4. Well, some PAYG sims deactivate themselves with inactivity and you have to make a call with them to activate them again so could be a real bane as you don't want to have to get the sim out put it in a phone and then call someone from it, especially if your tracker is well hidden.

    Other PAYG never expire or deactivate you just have to ask the shop you get it from.

    I however have got a data sim, the type they put in dongles or things like the iPad as they aren't made for calls, (the tracker doesn't call out), never deactivates, doesn't cost anything except per text. My mate at vodafone recommended it.
  6. Can you link to the eBay seller as I am interested in this product.
    Many thanks for the review
  7. What eBay seller did you buy it from, thinking about getting one.
    Many thanks Simon.
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    Moons Guest

    Great heads up - thank you for posting this - must confess I am tempted and I used to sell/install systems such as this.

    I can only see one downside - and that is the Police will not respond to it going off even if you call them - so if you are away on your hols and some toe rag nicks it - you can tell the cops all you want where it is, they will not 'track' it for you. You need to locate it yourself and be near it before they will repsond - which can be risky (unless of course they are having a quiet night - but Thatcham Cat 5 legislation was set up to give independant verification and cut down on false alarms - bit like monitored/not monitored house alarms).

    Only other thing is location sensitivity varies - lots of masts - good accuracy, few masts, radius increases.

    But I have to say, the fact that it geofences (tells you if its moved) and can track is impressive - as I said, I am tempted myself now!
  9. Yeah, it's not the be all and end all for van security but it is a good heads up, especially with the geofencing, and for little over £60 delivered it's a great thing to have alongside the other security measures in the van.

    It also has the ability to cut off the petrol pump so if they are driving away, they won't be for long...

    If I'm on holiday and find the van has moved I've got a few friends in the area who can go and follow it before the police get there...
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  11. Well, it has an wire that you fix to whatever you want that is electric and then you can send a command to it to cut the power to that item, so whatever electric you see fit in the van, it could just be the fridge to stop them having a nice cold beer as they steel the van if you want.

    This has GPS and GPRS so has a bit of a back up on signal but to be honest if someone really wants to nick your van they will do it regardless of what security you have on it...
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  13. Thanks MadFrankie for the review on this GPS Tracker. I decided at the price I would give it a go and I have just received mine. I am looking at different places to fit this, obviously you don't want it on display, I was initially thinking behind the dash or under the seat but it mentions in the instruction book about monitoring the LED status. I presume this is just required during set up?
    Has anyone fitted one of these and where do they suggest?
  14. You need it hidden for obvious reasons. I'd keep it out just while you are setting up so you can see the LED then when you are happy its working fine tuck it away somewhere safe and awkward to get to, (or at least not obvious)...

    Once it's in you can check the status etc from the mobile so no need to see the unit again unless to change sim or similar.
  15. How can I get the app that you use? Is it for android?
  16. Dunno about android, I've got an iPhone. It was made by a guy called fat mike on this forum but I don't know if he re-registered after the crash.

    It's from 'starburst systems' and it's called gps tracker with a picture of a key fob as it's picture on the iPhone app store. It might be on android as well.

    There must be a user list on the site somewhere and if he's about just pm him and he'll help you out, top bloke.
  17. That is the app...

    Ok, I bought the unit based on reviews, not just here. Spent 30mins setting it up and hiding it, tested it - it was within 10m of where it actually was.

    So took the van for MOT and thought "I know, I'll arm it and see how it responds". 10min drive home and not a sign of any alert, get to the driveway and it replies to tell me its armed - then the fun begins...

    Later that afternoon I'm at a funeral for a climbing buddy, he was a biker too so we turned up on mine. I put my phone on silent and popped it in the pocket of my jacket with the bike keys - 25 chuffin txts it sent!! :mad: all of which rattled the bloody keys!! The lat/lon it sent was in the middle of a field near my house or on my drive, not once did it mention the drive home. Looking at the speed it reckoned it was doing I'd need a 1/4 mile back garden too...

    I've deliberately set it today too (I've left the van with someone else ;)). I armed it, but received no alerts so assumed all was ok. I 'rang' it, it responded to within 10m again so I thought all was 8). I 'rang' it again, around 6pm, to see where it was and it sent me back data for approx 4hrs earlier - it was not where I left it and was doing 57mph. This may actually be the case, it was close to a 'known haunt' and will actually get to that speed sharpish. Just to check again, I've rang it just now - its in the same place doing the same speed!?!

    I can see the worth of something like this, but I've either got a duff one or it ain't all that
    ! If it had been nicked, I'd have no idea and the info I could gather would be 10hrs old by now - it defo isn't where it claims to be C:)

    My concern is that it didn't trigger any alerts when it did over 20 miles today, I'm gonna pull it tomorrow, power it down and hope it will restart with a 'fresh memory'.

    If anyone who has fitted one can offer suggestions, I'd be grateful. So far, it has used about £6 to tell me it's still on my drive! And failed to alert me to it being in an altogether different city!!
  18. Well, I can honestly say mine has been near on perfect. When I call it it is always within 5 meters of the actual location and responds within 10 seconds of the call.

    I set up the movement sensor and took the van for a drive, and every minute it text me with a location and a speed, until I stopped and told it to stop sending me texts. I then went onto each text and looked at the location on google maps and it followed me around the loop I did scarily well.

    I'd suggest powering it off for a bit, (maybe remove battery etc), and give it a few hours to forget the memory and try again. Also, where is the aerial, have you hidden it too well for it to get an accurate read? Text the word check and the password to the tracker, it should reply with the battery charge and also signal strength, if it's poor you may need to refit it somewhere else.

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