Good Inexpensive Rear Hatch Tents

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by BayWatcher, May 15, 2014.

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  3. I'm thinking along the lines of a simple carbon pole (s) threaded thru a stiched sleeve a la tenting
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  5. You can make me a cover for my doka bed if you like
  6. No problem. Looks like I've run aground until I get some photos in here anyway.
    It was expected. I thought I'd at least try to get a couple pre-orders so I don't wind up eating it on unwanted prototypes.
  7. Hell, I'll sell knob-warmers at this point. I'm not proud. But I'm sure you wouldn't want to pay all that shipping for something so readily available locally.
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  8. I wish they were.
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  10. Hi Baywatcher- any progress on the dog/tents?

    Cheers buddy

  11. Well, every time a sit down to order the fabric for my prototype tent I think of 40 other little things I need first. Thread for one. Who knew heavy duty thread was so expensive?!
    I needed more bobbins, bias tape makers, the light bulb burned out, I blew the bobbin rewinding tire,...
    Stupid little things draining my tent fund.
    But I'm close.
    My tent fabric finally came today.
    Clearly I was feeling whimsical when I ordered it, but it's a great match. It even coordinates with the green/brown Westy plaid. (no small feat)
    It's a nice medium weight poly-blend, indoor/outdoor, UV resistant canvas. Sturdy enough without the bulk of heavy cotton canvas used by most others.
    I ordered a thin olive green curtain material, but it was just bit too blue/grey, so I'll have to order something else.
    Now I just need clear vinyl for the windows, zippers, Velcro, and tape and I can begin.
    Just as soon as I figure out how to make that d@mn platform.
    Been putting that off.
    I have an idea that involves the use of the upper engine hatch. Do all buses have that, or just the later ones?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Just the later buses with those hatches ;-)

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