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  1. Surely you've seen rear tents before. And you probably wanted one, but you didn't get it because the prices are absolutely outrageous.
    Well I can beat their prices by better than half, ranging around £150-£250, depending on the options you choose.
    And with my tents you can choose between standard thick solid canvas, light printed cotton, nylon rip-stop and much more.
    The lightweight fabrics will pack down into much smaller duffle bags (made to match, of course), and weigh much less than those £500 behemoths you've seen elsewhere.
    Clear vinyl windows? Screens? Curtains? Fringe? Pockets for keys, money, phone, torch?
    I will work with you to make the tent that's right for you and your budget.
    You can even make your own platform from my simple plans to save on shipping and materials.
    For a list of options, prices, or answers to any questions, you can reach me at
    Attached below are non-copyrighted images procured legally from the internet. They are solely for the purpose of showing what rear tents are about, in case anyone has never seen one before. I can duplicate these as well as virtually any other style on the market.
    Ignore the advertisement below them. It was attached accidentally and I can't seem to get rid of it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. One of these looks great, I have looked into doin one myself. I have any ideas that past e by lol. A letter next to N isn't working, hence spell check lol. Great to see you doing the . Will look into buyin one when I have funds for the next project.
  3. Can you post photos of previous ones you've made?
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  4. It's a little cheeky using someine elses leaflet for your advert.

    What do yours look like?
  5. Shipping / import tax? As well ?
  6. Have you actually made one before?
  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Out of order using someone else's advert imho.
  8. What do yours look like?[/quote]
    As soon as I make one I'll post a picture of it. ;)
  9. My mistake. I accidentally attached the wrong image. I've tried to edit the Amescador advert out, but it doesn't appear anyplace in the editing window. :thinking:
    I haven't made one yet, but I know I can. I haven't seen one that I couldn't reproduce.
    I've been sewing for years. I've even had a recent course in automotive upholstery. I have 4 sewing machines with which I can sew anything from sheer silk to canvas, vinyl and leather.
    Believe me, these tents only require moderate sewing experience, IMO.
    That's why I was so appalled to see them charging over £500 for one. That's just offensive. It's basically about 6yds of fabric sewn into a box, but they have so little competition they can charge whatever they like.

    When one places an order with me, we determine the options and fabric of choice. Once it is finished, I will send photos for the buyer's approval. If everything looks good they are then welcome to purchase it.
    At no point will the customer be obligated to buy.
    If, upon arrival, you are not satisfied for any reason I will gladly take it back in new/clean condition for a full refund minus shipping fees.
    I'm offering full buyer protection at the lowest price I can possibly manage in exchange for those first few sales I need to launch this venture.
    While you're mulling all this over, have a look at these bold fabric choices, just to understand the scope of how far I can go to custom tailor a tent to suit any taste.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Yes thank you.
    I actually had a 35 year old advertisement from a company that no longer exists that I intended to use. They looked a lot alike when I was squinting at thumbnails. My mistake. I'll see if I can straighten this out.
    Thanks again for policing my ill behavior, Sir. I feel properly chastised now.
    Whatever would society do without you watchdog types keeping the rest of us in line?
    It would be anarchy.
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  12. Hi Kelly, nice to see you back on here, I've missed the banter, good plan making these as you rightly said they are horrendously expensive normally. I was going to get one of these two years ago but never got around to it. :)
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    Not policing anything mate, just thought that using someone else's advert to advertise your goods was out of order, hence the post.
    In answer to your question, it'd be like France.
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  14. Nice to hear from you as well.
    I had a feeling you would be interested in a tent. You're going to need another bus just to follow behind you, carrying all your bells, whistles, and matching accessories.
    Jumping ahead, let's see if I can guess your order.
    You'll be wanting light tan canvas that matches your pop-top.
    Large clear vinyl windows that roll up, with screens and outside flaps.
    Clear vinyl skylight.
    Coffee brown curtains that match your original Westy curtains.
    And a cushion cover done in original reproduction brown/green Westy plaid.
    You'll likely want to buy your own foam locally and cut it yourself to save a bundle on shipping.
    You'll also probably consider trying your hand at making your own platform.
    Shall I total that up for you or should I just get cracking on it straight away? :cool:
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  15. Yes. You observed a moral infraction and exposed it.
    That's policing.
    You were right though. I hadn't noticed my mistake and it needed correcting. I was a bit horrified after squinting down on it and seeing the company name.
    In my defense, their ad does have a rather vintagey look.
    In any case, the France thing was pretty good. :)
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  16. I also had a look at these and thought I can't afford that,the jaffa one in canvas,as in the picture,what do you think that would cost to supply?
    I've no clue how they attachto the van or how the base extends and what cushions you need though.
  17. According to the US postal service online calculator, it looks like I could get most orders to the UK for about £38 or less.
    A simple nylon tent with no frills might even ship as low as £30.
    The platform will likely be a deal breaker for most people though, due to it's size and weight.
    Fortunately, they aren't terribly complicated to make for one's self.
    I might even be able to find Late Bay member over there who would make them, to be purchased separately.
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    Hi baywatcher. Not another Hawaii 5 o reply,just an observation, if you can make these then why not venture into poptop replacement canves's as well. I am sure there would be a better market for them if they were original spec and cheaper than the quality ones sold over here!
  19. That tent is quite basic. I should be able to do that for £150 + shipping without a platform. I would make bigger windows at no extra cost, if you like.
    Some tents are made to tie snugly in place around the rear of the van, but I'll be making mine with magnets sewn into the hem instead.
    I'm currently tinkering with an idea that uses simple nylon straps and a little common hardware to support a platform,
    rather than iron rods. That should be easier, cheaper, lighter, and stow more politely. Then all you would do is buy the wood and screw on the hardware.
    Due to current budget constraints, it will be two weeks until I get that fully ironed out.
    Clear vinyl windows would be just a little extra. I recommend them. It's nice to be able to see outside, rain or shine, regardless of the temperature. They fasten with Velcro and can be rolled up when not needed.
    That canvas also comes in a number of fun prints, including a few tasteful vintage-appropriate plaids, and most are the same price as the solids.
    For a modest additional fee, I can make a cushion cover. You would simply take it to a fabric store and have them cut a piece of foam to fit in it. (or buy a block and cut it yourself)
    Upholstery fabric prices vary wildly, so your fabric choice would determine the cost. It would likely start around £40, and go up around £85 for matching reproduction Westfalia plaid.
    All prices quoted are subject to change without notice. I am trying to start out very low to get the ball rolling, but if business picks up a few adjustments might have to be made.
    In any case, my prices will always be the lowest.
    The day I start charging £500 for a canvas box is the day I need to reset my moral compass.
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