Giving up smoking - is it actually hard?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moons, Oct 10, 2019.

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    I gave up 5 years ago after 30 years puffing away.

    It's not hard...if you want to stop.

    I put myself off for a while first, keeping a dirty wet ashtray outside where I smoked and thought of it being my lungs.
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  2. I must have given up a dozen times but kept starting again in my 20's. The first three days were tough but OK after that. Finally gave up when my lungs started to hurt . Lung efficiency is still low after 40 years. Best not to get started.
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    It’s over two years since I last had a cigarette. Don’t even crave one now.

    no vaping now either :thumbsup:
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  4. I smoked, cos it was a long walk to school. I could roll fags by the time I was 11. Gave up after my 3rd boy was born, 15 years ago.
    Yes, it was easy, as I finally became less selfish.Took a lot of time being selfish, though.
    And at 11 or 12 quid a packet, I can’t afford it.
    (Financially and physically.)
  5. Smoked since I was 11, gave up at 31 when my lad was born. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without vaping though, I genuinely believe that.

    Used to get £1.50 a day to get the bus to school, 10 Sovereign were £1.48 so used to walk, buy 10 and sell them at school for 25p each. After a couple of days I had enough to buy my own packet which kept me going until the next time I’d made enough for the next packet. I swear the 4 mile walk each way offset the bad effects of the fags :)
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  6. Genius!
  7. I don't doubt that for many people it can be very difficult, nicotine is ridiculously addictive, but I'm of the opinion that if my mum and dad could quit then anyone could. They both started as kids and smoked for a combined total of 97 years, dad was on around 40 a day and mum at least 20, and both took pleasure in smoking an enjoyed it. It wasn't until dad was approaching retirement that they realised how much it was costing them and how much his weekly pension was going to be that they were induced to stop. They went to the doctors and got put on nicotine patches and had weaned themselves off in a few months. They used to put the fag money in a jar and treat themselves to holidays with what they saved though unfortunately this only lasted for a couple of years as the damage was done and eventually caught up with them and they could no longer travel. Stopping probably helped extend their lives, dad was around for 15 more years and mum 12 years but their quality of life dropped off dramatically, mum spent the last 3 years of her life attached to an oxygen machine and dad had emphysema and eventually vascular dementia all caused by smoking. What I can't get my head round is knowing what we know nowadays, why on earth people even start smoking? Years ago it was the done thing and carried an air of coolness about it but today it's considered unsocial and the health issues are widely known and taught in primary schools so what makes people start in the first place!
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  8. Just think of 700 quids worth of booze for free .
  9. Poptop2

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    That makes perfect logic Phil and should be enough to make anyone see sense. unfortunately some people only learn when it's too late. Sad your mum and dad had to go through that and you watch them, but it was the done thing back then same as when we were kids. Sadly the squirmy tobacco companies knew about these things years before anyone else and have squirmed out of compo claims. They shouldn't be allowed to manufacture them today.
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  10. Betty lost one of her best mates last month too lung cancer , smoked all her life of just 67 years :( took just five weeks from being diagnosed . My daughter has stopped but vapes as much ,,,,, which to me is an unknown madness . I don’t geton at anyone who does ,it’s their life if they don’t make it your problem . I’ve not been a smoker because it don’t taste like strawberry’s n icecream but I spose if your hooked it does ? I don’t think I’m any richer for not doing it though ? Good luck with the giving up , try not to get grumpy and twiddle ya thumbs after eating o_O:thumbsup:
  11. Vape shops are as prolific as charity shops in most Northern towns ... I thought that they were supposed to be a way to stop, but school kids are vaping.
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  12. Mrs C kept trying to tell me it was 0%, I said 0% of what?
    All she was doing was inhaling oil which eventually will clog your lungs.
    Luckily she stopped.

    Have I now started a which oil thread :oops:
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    It's the same down here.. vape shop, charity shop, take away, hairdressers, vape shop, charity shop etc etc etc
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  14. I thought that vaping was basically smoking, but with the tobacco removed and the nicotine given a nice flavouring.
  15. But what is the favouring made of?
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  16. Sorry re-read, it's the nicotine that does for you but it's oil that your inhaling.
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  17. Poptop2

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    I felt out of breath when vaping so knocked it on the head. It did help me off the fags though :thumbsup:
  18. Understood your post...I was meaning that people were changing from cigs to vaping, purely to be more acceptable .. in reality they are still addicts and as you say are just been killed by a different substance.
  19. Vaping is good for weed
  20. I watched a 14 or so year old school kid stood at a crossing in Plymouth yesterday in school uniform, cigarette in hand puffing away. I was truly amazed where did she learn, how does she afford it. I thought it was older people who started years and years ago not teenagers.
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