Giving up smoking - is it actually hard?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moons, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Moons

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    So I’ve never smoked, so can’t comment.

    I read something interesting around how hard actually giving up is - compared to how hard it’s portrayed - something the tobacco industry apparently use as propaganda to keep
    people puffing.

    So is it that hard....I.e. it’s a bit like being hungry, you get irritable on occasion and it passes after a few days?

    Or was your experience harder?
  2. I went for a weekend away & forgot my fags.
    The folk I went with didn't smoke, and that was the end of that.
  3. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    It wasn't that hard once I really decided that I wanted to quit, and I wasn't stopping to please someone else, or because I thought that I should.
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  4. I’ve also never smoked, but I reckon the biggest thing is actually wanting to stop.
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  5. It’s a habit. So just takes will power. My Mrs smokes like a chimney. Unfortunately it’s not killed her yet, but there’s always hope.

    The thing smokers do is have a smoking routine, get in car, light a fag, have a meal, afterwards light a fag, tea break at work, go outside and gossip and have a fag etc. It’s adjusting these behaviours that takes the time.

    The actual physical addiction is gone in a few days and that can be controlled with gum etc. But unless you actually want to stop then you won’t. Cos you simply won’t have the will power.
  6. Also forgot to say that some people do just have a more addictive personality. We all know someone who just always seems to take things a bit too far, buys too many scratch cards, or bets too much on the footy, or has to always have that one extra drink when they’ve clearly had enough. I think giving up fags for these people is always harder than for those of us with a more normal make up.
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  7. We went cold turkey. It was years ago now, but I seem to remember one day of craving when we stopped, then it was all ok. Still fancy a cig every now and then, but health wise, glad we gave up. So, in answer, it wasn’t that bad really.
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  8. Never smoked myself, but everyone I know who has decided to quit, has just stopped altogether without any patches or alternatives.
    It's definitely a state of mind thing.
  9. Started smoking as a nipper thinking that it was cool. Then about 35 years ago I realised I'd be better off not smoking and it was cooler still.
    Luckily I was able to just stop. :thumbsup:
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  10. smoked moderately for 25 years, then decided to stop. Its not easy, but when I thought or wanted a smoke I would get up and go to a different room (usually my garage) and do something else. Havent had one since.
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  11. Vaping after 30 years of 40 a day. Was sounding like Darth Vader, then one day got to the top of a climb and sat there was a vape. Down to 3mlg now and Tbh honest should stop that. Tried a few times kicking the habit and really struggled.
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  12. Dubs

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    I must be a woos then, as I found it hard to give up. Smoked like a chimney for 30+ years, then gave up with my wife who has asthma.

    We both went cold turkey, and haven't smoked for about 6 years, but stupidly started using nrt lozenges a couple of years ago when I was really craving a fag... now trying to give up nrt products..

    But as someone before said, I am one of those people that has an addictive personality, always used to be the one having that extra drink etc etc, so don't know if there's anything in that..
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  13. I stopped a few years ago cold turkey because I was fed up with it. The biggest hurdle as others have said is the habitual fags such as when I clean my bike or have a beer or cut the grass but that goes away after a couple of weeks. Oddly enough the only time I struggle is when I go camping! I buy some baccy and smoke like a chimney and as soon as I get home I chuck any that's left away and then forget about it until I go away again. Odd really.
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  14. I also went cold turkey when I gave up in 2001
    I won’t give up gin though you gotta have some vice
    Better to have an addictive personality than have no personality at all :)
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  15. Smoked for 20 years now and have tried to quit a few times but always give in and don't really know y think as you say is more habit of doing it than anything else

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  16. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I was a moderate smoker for years but got into having winter chest infections from about Oct-March :(

    one year I was particularly bad and the dr sent me for chest x-rays. All that showed was scar tissue but it was enough of a scare to quit. Also smoking hurt so no fun.

    however, I do smoke again nowadays when I’ve had a few drinks but no other times.

    I had tried to give up in the past but only really managed to cut down. If I told myself I couldn’t smoke at all I would break and smoke. However, if I told myself I could have one a day I often didn’t bother.
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  17. Found if I smoked and drank it made me sick so no more smoking for me, unless I'm on fire :D
    Be careful all you vapours- popcorn lung the next thing following that.
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  18. I gave up 20 years ago, in my case I wanted to give up, but the person I was living with didn't. It wasn't until she also agreed to it give it up, did it become a reality. I couldn't do it with another smoker in the house. Never smoked since, don't miss it.
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  19. I'm still putting £2.05 a day, the cost of a pack of twenty, into a jar - that's nearly £700 a year!
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  20. I went onto rollies when 20 Benny Hedgehogs got to two quid. 1990/91 I think.

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