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Discussion in 'Europe' started by yurek, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Reminds me of my old deluxe!
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  2. Id forgot about that! Whenever your up our way would be great thanks :D
  3. Nice van, the colour and the chrome go well.
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  4. When you say 'don't need plakets' do you mean just don't bother? I thought the red one was for oldtimers, but looking at the map, all the zones are green only. We just drove in anyway when we went 2 years ago.
  5. The only club or forum ive ever been in is the Latebay . So i really dont know about anything for you . Nurnberg is quiete far from the other places you mentioned . But im in bavaria .and can help you if your lucky enough to break down near me !:eek: I dont worry about those placket things if i was a forigener . Just plead ignorance ...
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  6. I've been in a brothel in Detmold....:thumbsup:

    I found Germany a bit like England weather wise ,but the natives were a bit more friendly...;)
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  7. colder weather, hotter women in my experience but then again that was quite a bit back and my memory isn't er...
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  8. Hi From West Lancashire - Great looking bus @yurek - what are the buying prices of Late Bays and Splitties in Russia?
  9. Difficult question. There were few imported buses in Russia. Alive to our days even less.

    For example:
    ~ 1200€ without engine
    2761216476.jpg 2761216482.jpg 2761216487.jpg

    Or another one:
    ~ 17700€
    1200x900.jpg 1200x900 (2).jpg 1200x900 (1).jpg
  10. Not that far off the prices in UK - that jaffa one would probably be around £10k for one that needs work
  11. This is a topic I looked into myself and part of the reason why I avoid getting into any larger German towns, but I am sorry to say I didn't get very far with information.
    Cars with "H" plates (historic) in Germany are exempt from the emission zones and can travel freely. - This also includes foreign cars wearing appropriate plates.

    The problem I found is that not all countries issue special licence plates for oldtimer vehicles, and some that do, might not be officially recognized as such.
    I live in Croatia where special plates can be issued, but aren't approved by Germany, or at least nobody knows anything about it and neither do I have such plates.
    I will assume whichever organisation runs oldtimer regulations in Russia and officially represents FIVA (if it even exists) isn't organized any better.

    Without oldtimer plates, the bus is only eligible for the red sticker which doesn't get you very far. - they can be bought at German "mot" stations for about 5 euro.
    You would be best of asking someone who lives in Germany who might know how lenient the system is.
  12. I arrived from my trip 3 days ago. In Germany I have visited Leipzig, Dresden, Hannover, Wolfsburg, Kassel, Göttingen, Hessisch-Oldendorf... I have visited DEKRA and thay said, that they can't give me sticker, because my oldtimer is not German oltimer )))) So I don't buy any stickers... And I don't have any problem with police.
    We ride more than 5000km without breakings.

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