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Discussion in 'Europe' started by yurek, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Hi! I'm going to visit Germany on my bus (T2 1976). Could you tell me - need I to recieve "Plakette" ? Or I can ride everywhery because bus is oldtimer?..

    Photo of my bus :)
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    I'm going to just bimble in and if I get picked up I'll claim ignorance. :) *

    *this option carries no legal weight and may even be bad advice.

    p.s. Nice bus. :thumbsup:
  3. I can't see how the Germans could fail to let in a German built bus! If they complain, ask them if they'd rather have a Tranny.
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    Parking fare boxes?
  6. Whatchamacallits...? You puts the monies in..
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    Ah! Whatchamacallits, I'd imagined a special painted box on the road where if you parked in it they came and towed your car away.
    I'll be parking further out than the parking meter areas and cycling in to the Zentrum's. :thumbsup:
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  8. Enjoy Germany. Where are you going to Berlin is fantastic. If you do then see if you can arrange a tour of the Reichstag building. Its fantastic but possibly some of the graffiti inside your countrymenn left might be a bit rude so distract the kids lol!
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  9. Just got back from East Berlin. I recommend Haubentaucher. Wowzers
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  10. Could you do me a favour and measure the precise diameter of your Umweltplakette?
  11. Wow. Time travel. Cuwel!
  12. Thank you all for answers!
    Ok, I'll "just go for plaket" :)
    The main aim of the trip - the VW factory in Hanover. It woud be called "Surfwagen Trip 2016 or Moscow-Hannover 40 years later" :oops:.
    Some another photos of my bus:



    Before painting:
  13. I would suggest riding in it rather than on it :)

    nice bus !
  14. Is there any VW Classic clubs? Can you help me with contacts of VW classic services?
    I want to know where I can turn to in case of unforeseen circumstances...
    We are going to visit Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Wolfsburg, Hanover... If everything will be ok maybe visit Nürburgring - I think it would be cool to make a lap оn the track of the Formula 1
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  15. Sorry for my english)
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  16. Don't be, I can't speak any language, even English properly :)
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  17. that's one very nice looking bus yurek :D
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  18. Keep your mits off, you've got enough to keep you busy
  19. I know mate! The westy is getting a parts stash built up in readiness for his restoration project :D
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  20. I've just remembered, did you still want that alternator?

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